Monday, December 03, 2007

Bowl Bound

Yes, well, it's about time I bring up the elephant in the room... no, not that one... the other one. The fact that my beloved Kentucky Wildcats could not finish strong after having a terrific start to their season. (The one time we were top ten ranked, I wasn't even in the country to gloat and enjoy it while it lasted!) Well, we ended our season with a disappointing loss to UT... all 5 hours and 4 overtimes of it, and got rewarded with the same bowl game we went to last year.

Granted, I'm happy Kentucky gets to represent the SEC in the Music City Bowl, but I wish we had been awarded a more prestigious bowl. Tickets sold out for the game last night so I suppose I'll be watching the Cats whoop up on Florida State (that's right Rhonda & George!) on tv instead of the nose bleed section of LP field.

In the very least, UK has now proven that they are no longer one of the ugly stepsisters in the football powerhouse SEC conference. We are now able to compete within our conference, and yes, we even beat LSU who is now going on to play for the BCS national title, much to Missouri's chagrin. So there's always next year. Now it's onto a lackluster start to a Kentucky basketball season! let the games, um, continue!!!


Mark Kelly Hall said...

Glad I can root for both your team (this time) and mine (TN) in their bowl games--not our friendship would be threatened either way. Fortunately (especially given the results of the TN-LSU game) I'm free of that deep, life-crippling emotional attachment to sports that plagues so many of my brethren (and some, uh, sistren).

The end of December is no time to sit outside for hours at a time, anyway, even in Nashville, so I think you'll have a better time indoors. If the game were in Florida, that'd be a horse of a different color (not to mention temperature!).

Sarah said...

I'm gonna have to...go ahead...and disagree with you there, Bob -- I mean MKH... Last year I attended the Music City Bowl to see my Cats defeat Clemson, and I sat on the tip top row of the stadium. It was windy but not unpleasant. TN can be balmy even in the waning days of the year. I'm just saying...

ALSO, hooray for Kentucky coming out of "we'll win when hell freezes over" status. I know PinkUKFans all over the Bluegrass and beyond are smiling... :)

xoxo to the #1 PinkUKFan. Hopefully I shall see you over the holidays?!!