Thursday, July 12, 2007

T & A Day

Today was the day for me and Tadd and hang out (what did you think T&A stood for, you dirty mind!)

We old high school friends enjoyed lunch at "our place" aka Blue Coast Burrito. My week just isn't complete without a trip to BCB. And I love being able to enjoy my favorite salsa at a picnic table outside in the sunshine!

After work Tadd & I met up with Ari, Ang, & Robin for some dinner at Calypso Cafe. Tadd asked what kind of soup they had, and when the server explained that soup is a seasonal item, Tadd ordered something else that came with 2 sides. To be funny he asked for a cup of soup as one them. The waitress was not amused! Finally we all went to the 6:30 showing of the new Harry Potter movie.

I won't spoil the movie for any of you casual fans out there who might not have seen the movie yet (because you're obviously not a fanatic like we are, otherwise you would have already seen the film!), but let's just say Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix is my 2nd favorite of the HP movies, next to the original one of course. I also won't go into the antics of the people in the movie theater surrounding us (ie, the obese children panting after they climbed the theater steps after making multiple candy runs during the film, the kid who farted loudly during a quiet part of the movie, or the older women behind Ariana who carried on a conversation disregarding the fact that everyone and their mother could hear them, plus the child who was with them that kicked Ari's seat repeatedly.). But no, we won't mention them at all. Oh, or we won't mention the pretty boy taking our tickets at the movie theater who, while wearing makeup, told Tadd he was good in the Pajama Game.

We still all had a blast, and it was fun for Tadd and I to be able to spend some time together after our crazy schedules made it impossible to hang out. I look forward to many more Harry Potter movies (or okay, just 2 more) and T & A days to come!

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Tadd said...

I love it, but I hate it, but I love it!

P.S. - at the beginning it should be "for Tadd and me to hang out" Just thought you might want to change it.

Post Post Script - I had a great time with you on our T&A day!