Monday, July 09, 2007

Juana Sail?

This past weekend I made the drive down to Florida to visit the new Beau. I won't gag you with all the ridiculously cute details about what all we did except one.

Knowing the Scaredy-Cat that I am, Brian managed to coax me out onto the sound waters and go for a sail. He reassured me with, "I'll try not to let us flip over." Let me tell you, I was not exactly comforted by that assertion! We had life jackets on the boat of course, but weren't wearing them (Sorry Mom!), but I did make Brian go through the crash procedures should we happen to capsize before I would step foot on the 14-foot floating vessel.

We shoved off from shore and stepped onto either side of the smallish ship. All that powered the sailboat was the manual rudder and a rope attached to the actual sail. Depending on the combination of pull on these 2 facets determined what direction you sailed, and how fast you got there.

(*Thanks to the pics on the Juana's website, you can see a lovely picture of what the sailboats look like*)
There is nothing to hold onto, and you're sitting on the Styrofoam sides of the sailboat. I did my best to relax and trust Brian as he steered us out into the water. I eventually calmed down and was very much enjoying myself when all a sudden he hands me the rope and tells me to grab a hold of the rudder. Nervously I follow his instructions and I realize with delight that I am unexpectedly sailing! I exclaim with childish glee, "I'm sailing!" to which I then begin to giggle and remind us both aloud about a line from the classic Bill Murray movie, What About Bob? "I'm saaaaaiiiling!! Dr. Leo Marvin!! I'm saaaaiiiillliiiing!"


brian said...

You did an excelent job of sailing. You are my beautiful sailing GF and I look forward to going sailing with you again!!!

MamaB said...

A life jacket ON THE SAILBOAT doesn't really do YOU any good--but thank goodness the SAILBOAT had one. We certainly wouldn't want the sailboat to drown.
P.S.--I'm hoping your sailing partner is a great swimmer!!

Mark Kelly Hall said...

Good for you (other than the life jacket issue)...I think I'll call you Gilligan from now on. If I'm lucky (and you're not) it'll catch on.

Amanda said...

Mom- yes, he's a good swimmer- no need to fear!

And Mark, you can call me Gilligan-I took to calling Brian Cap'n Ron when we were sailing- I forgot to mention that.

Anonymous said...

i'm not sure if it's the love vibes or the waves, but i feel lunch coming back up... j/k. nuzzle.

brian said...


Thank you for the comments, it must be the waves:)

Anonymous said...

And, just because I like being a part of a crowd- I'll put my two cents of randomness out there for all. Amanda... just read the details of your post and my initial thought - you knew what a rudder was?? What the heck? I think I may be disappointed. And, Cap'N Ron , can I have a run down of these "crash procedures"? I would like to know for myself, next time I am out on a 14-foot sail boat with styrofoam sides and built-in sailboat life jackets. Amanda, I must say, I'm proud of your accomplishment and would have waved you on in your journey with -"That's good, KEEP SAILING AMANDA!!"

~ Heather