Thursday, July 19, 2007

Chicago Hopes

In an effort to maintain what little self-dignity I have left after MA's recent blog, I will just post on here that I am going to be out of the office on Friday, and leave the boring out of office email reply for everyone else. But in case you'd like to know where I'm going, and I suppose you do because you're reading this, I am taking a weekend jaunt to Chicago with Mary Anna.

I've never been to Chicago, and as a proclaimed lover of all things metropolitan, this city has been on my must-see list. I imagine I'll eat my share of hot dogs and pizza this weekend, and do plenty of Harry Caray/Will Ferrell impersonations to entertain those around me for a lifetime. I guesstimate that I will shop till I drop, and stare in disbelief at viewing Seurat's A Sunday on La Grande Jatte in person. I propose that I will walk many many miles and curse myself for wearing heels in a vain effort to look cute in a city where I know virtually no one. I suspect that I will get very little sleep and that Mary Anna and I will take many dumb pictures and laugh a lot. I predict that the Cubbies will win and we will celebrate with the city. I trust that Jeff and Ali will not be too glad to be rid of us come Monday morning, and I am certain that I will drag myself unwillingly to work after having such a wonderful weekend.

These are my Chicago hopes. Let's see if they turn out to be true.


Mary Anna said...

Jeff and Ali are going to hate us come Monday morning.

Cannot. Wait.

And we mustn't make any predictions about the fate of the Cubbies on Saturday. The curse is a alive and it's a beast that must be tamed---in other words, don't poke a stick at the dog or it will bite you!

Bethany said...

I LOVE Chicago- you WILL not be disappointed by the Magnificent Mile, or the food or the artwork. It's awesome!!! Have fun :-)

Anonymous said...

i am totally jealous that you're heading to bart's and my city. have a blast and head out to navy pier if you get a chance.

Anonymous said...

Ok I have to know about your trip! I've also not been to Chicago and have been telling Daniel lately that we have to go.

Lunch- you & me, SOON!