Monday, April 16, 2007

va tech

Forgive the rambling. I am stunned. Just got word of the VA tech school shooting. Details are still sketchy, but most news sites say 22 are dead. Other reports 32. Either way, it's the worst school shooting in history. Immediately I called Heather (Jacob did his grad work at Virginia Tech, and they still have many friends in Blacksburg). So far, none of their close friends were injured, and the building the gunman went into wasn't the lab where Jacob had worked, praise God. But it was someone else's friends and family. While some people are relieved to know their loved ones are okay, there are others who are mourning right now. One of the girls that used to be in Heather's small group through Campus Crusade had one of her best friends killed in the massacre. All I can do is pray. I cannot understand what would make a person do such a thing. There is so much evil in the world. Our thoughts and prayers are with those at the university, and with the victims' friends and families. Somehow, someway, I pray that God will bring healing and peace.

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