Monday, April 23, 2007

Ugly Neti

So. Many of you who read this blog are Tennesseeans, and thus probably suffer from seasonal allergies to one degree or another. I don't usually put product reviews on here, but I have found sinus relief that I cannot live without, and want to shout about it from the rooftops (or at least write about on a personal website). Many of you have heard me talk about it already- it's called a neti pot, or by its formal name at the drugstore, SinuCleanse. The neti (pronounced NET-ee) pot clears out your sinuses, provides instant results, and is strangely satisfactory because you can actually see the results (ie, the congestion leaving your nose, and into the sink.) I heard about the fabled contraption long ago from a singer friend, but I wasn't desperate to pour water up my nose at that point. Now, a few years later, I purchased one to help me stay healthy during the run of my play. (I bought the SinuCleanse brand at Walgreens and can vouch for it, but I know there are other brands who make their own versions as well.)

How it works:
Basically, one mixes a saline powder packet that comes with your plastic genie-lamp-like pot with lukewarm water, lean over sink, tilt head upwards, breathe through mouth while slowly pouring the solution into one nostril. Blow nose, and repeat on other side.

Gross? You bet. But satisfying? You betcha!

This can be done as a roommate bonding experience, such as when Natalie & I walked through it together for the first time, or perperhaps as father-daughter quality time like after I bought one for my dad for his birthday and stood back & watched as he spewed water onto the mirror, or as a great conversation piece to use on the phone with your customers, such as John Roberts talking telling a lady in Mt. Juliet today about it after taking care of her biling question.

Another fun addition after purchasing one is to use the verb "to neti" in sentences or better yet, "neti potting;"
ie, hang on, I'm almost ready to leave the apartment- I just need to finish neti potting first!

I learned on Wikipedia while researching for this article that the neti pot originated as part of the daily cleansing rituals of yoga practice, so now you can feel oh-so-zen after irrigating the sinuses!

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Mary Anna said...

I think I'm gonna vomit. I hate the word "irrigate," when it's used to describe wounds or things pertaining to the body.

I did a bit of research on the Neti Pot. I came across this instructional demo video. It's quite possibly the most hilarious thing I've seen in years. A must-watch.