Friday, April 27, 2007

Spring Concert Series: 12th & Porter

Despite the fact that it's a Friday morning and I am tired and dragging, I am also very pumped! Why, you ask? (Besides the obvious reasons of course that the weekend is within my grasp) Because instead of performing in a show last night for the first time in many weeks, I got to GO to a show! I headed over to 12th & Porter last night for an evening of music with Aron Wright, Matthew Perryman Jones, and Jeremy Lister.

Aron opened the set. (yes, that's how he spells his name.) He caused me to wonder why in a town with so much talent was he sharing the stage with these 2 other guys. Aron channeled Damien Rice- very moody, whiney songs performed to effects-driven guitar and keyboard. Think Ross from Friends with "his sound" and that's what Aron reminded me of. Plus, if I wanted to hear a guy sing high like a girl, I'd see Justin Timberlake, and he'd at least be attractive & dancing. For Aron's last song, he accompanied himself on the ukulele and I fought back laughs. Were we really supposed to take him seriously?

MPJ was next and it has been a while since I've seen him play. He had a full band backing him last night and they sounded great. He also played a new song, I think it's called "Save you" that was really good. Matthew Perryman Jones is one of those artists for me where every song he plays is one of my favorites. His voice is steady and clear, and the lyrics are honest. He's playing in Nashville again soon, so I'd encourage any fellow music lovers to accompany me. I'd describe his music as mellow pop/rock.

Finally headlining the show last night was Jeremy Lister. He's an artist I've heard a lot about, but never seen play, even though he's in Nashville all the time. When he stepped onto the stage my jaw dropped. And not for the reason that you might think. I was left gaping at a man who, had I passed him on a street, I would have sworn was a woman. Everything about this person screamed femininity, even though he's a married man; from the v neck t shirt, the fitted jacket and skinny jeans, his rosy cheeks, long flipped out hair, and even the way he batted his eyelashes when he sang! The voice just did not match the body. Mason and I decided we could better picture Jeremy Lister in a Cher get-up singing "If I could turn back time!" That said, his music was awesome. He has very catchy pop-rock tunes, and has been touted as being the next Matt Kearney, so he'll still be an indie type artist, but hover on being mainstream. Who knows though- he could certainly break into the market- his stuff is very commercial. My favorite song of his was "Half of Me" co-written and performed with another Nashville regular, Katie Herzig. The melody is haunting and the harmonies are great. I would definitely like to see Jeremy Lister again, and maybe going into the show a second time I won't have such a hard time looking at him and can just enjoy the music instead! (ps, yes, it's a terrible pic taken from my cell phone, but you get the idea!!)


Mason said...

Jeremy could front this band...

(jeremy please forgive us you do rock!)

Mark Kelly Hall said...

Were you referring to this? ( I won't be there but y'all have fun if you can stay up late):

The Mercy Lounge
8 Off 8th Hosted by Stalking the Muse feat. Kyle Andrews, Denitia Odigie, Heypenny, Matthew Perryman Jones, Audrey Spillman, Thornton, Brooke Wagoner & Brian Ritchey
Cover: Free.

Mary Anna said...

Just now catching up!

I'll have to check Jerm out, but the feminity is a turnoff.

Yay for the start of summer concert season!

Aron Wright said...

I appreciate your honesty.