Monday, April 02, 2007

Get a whiff of this!

Here it is, your diva weekend in review- shows Fri, Sat & Sunday. Saturday I slept in after staying up till 2am the night before reading Memoirs of a Geisha- (man, I could Not put that book down!), and then I took advantage of the beautiful weather and went for a little run up and down Edmondson Pike, then joined Natalie at the pool for some sun. It was the most relaxing day! I stayed out by the pool for a few hours, reading and trying to finish my book before I left for the show later. Sunday I met Mom & Dad at CB after church for a yummy lunch and then headed off to the thee-ater for my show (PS, we have a sort of receiving line after the show where patrons come up to us to tell us how much they enjoyed the show. The comment often heard is, "yew were gray-ate") . I went home after the matinee and actually was able to cook a proper dinner for myself and tidy up the kitchen before meeting Tadders at the movies to see Blades of Glory.

I admit I was going more for the company than a desire to see the movie. It did have its funny parts, but honestly, it's more of a rental. (I was able to use the $5.50 movie passes if that persuades you to take a chance on it) Really, it's like a less-funny Zoolander on Ice- 2 male primadonna ice-skating rivals overcome their differences to achieve a common goal- or Gold. One humorous thing that was not part of the film was that I made the comment to Tadd right after we sat down that it smelled like feet in the theater. Moments later he caught the pungent scent as well, and we traded laughs during the entire movie every time the odor would waft our way. After the movie ended and the credits began to roll, Tadd turned towards the aisle in an attempt to catch the stinky culprit. I looked as well. The people in front of us, and next to me were all wearing socks and shoes, so it wasn't them. Finally Tadd pointed out two unsuspecting girls that had been sitting in the row directly behind us. Both of them were darling and petite, but both were wearing flip flops! One of these was the owner of the odor. Tadd remarked that still, it wasn't a constant stench, but came in waves.

"yes," I replied, "probably every time she uncrossed and recrossed her legs, the scent was stirred!" I think this olfactory delight probably affected my ability to truly enjoy the film, but at any rate, it was great to see Tadd. We went and grabbed Sonic Oreo blasts afterwards (Coldstone was closed, the nerve!) and caught up on life while singing harmonies with John Mayer in the Catmobile. Oh, and Ari- I taught Tadd the Stink Pink game- he loved it!!!

Can you believe it's already April? You know you're getting old when... it's the 4th month of the year and you Still have to mentally remind yourself what year it is when you're dating things! Anywho- the play is halfway over, and I am looking forward to having this week off for Easter. A trip to Cannelton is in store for the weekend. Happy Fecunday Monday, everyone!!!


Anonymous said...

stink pink rules the world.

MamaB said...

And today is Smoothsday Tuesday!!

Mary Anna said...

I'm disappointed in your lackluster review of Blades of Glory, although I can't say that my expectations were incredibly high to begin.

And the feet thing---pew. I couldn't of handled it.