Tuesday, April 10, 2007

An EGGstremely long stream of snippets from Easter weekend

So much to blog about, so little time. All you're gonna get are snippets.

*I left work 10 minutes early on Thursday afternoon in order to get home and get everyone loaded into Warren the G-6 Catmobile and head up to Indiana. I forget what family car trips are like. Exactly one hour later, at 6:10pm, after dad has taken the lock on the front door off and put it back on again, we are ready to roll. Oh well I think, at least we will miss the worst of the traffic north of Nashville. ha ha, fat chance.

*Once in the car, although I am the one behind the wheel, there are others who have their own voiced opinions about how one should operate said vehicle. Fun times.

*We arrive in Cannelton around 8:30pm Thursday evening. The name of the game with my Papa is to pile into the Den and sit and watch tv with him while he flips channels. You'll just be getting into a tv show or movie, and suddenly without warning, he'll start flipping channels again. This is why I didn't get my hopes up when he landed on Legally Blonde. I think I literally was holding my breath when he landed on TBS, thinking perhaps if I were quiet he wouldn't change the channel. It must have worked! To my great surprise, we ended up watching the entire movie!!

*Friday I went for a quick run through the streets of the small town where my parents grew up. It was really cold up there- I didn't realize just how cold it was until it began to snow shortly after I returned, and kept on snowing most of the afternoon! It's a good thing I had no idea what the temperature was when I left the house because if I had, I never would have gone out!

*Michael, Missy, Braedon, & Garrick arrived that afternoon. They brought with them their dog Ginger, who had a good time playing with Laura's dog Julius. I have pictures of them playing together, but as usual, my Mac is being tempermental, so I can't get the pics online right now.

*For dinner Laura & Mom fixed a Mexican fiesta- quesadillas, mexican rice, black beans, chips & salsa, and buffalo enchiladas. The Harris crew came down, so we had 17 people and 3 dogs in the house for dinner. (I think there may have even been a partridge in a pear tree around there somewhere.) We sat around laughing and telling stories- my uncle Jerry is famous for his story telling ability. The women discussed if they were a "McSteamy" or a "McDreamy" girl.

*this joke was told- Wanna know why there's no CSI: Louisville? Cause all the DNA's the same, and there's no dental records!

*Julius jumped up onto the table from Robin's lap, and while Laura was scooping him up, she knocked over a glass of red wine, which subsequently spilled onto Ryan's lap. I don't have to tell you the jokes that were made at his expense.

*Papa matter-of-factly says to Laura, tell your dog not to s#%t in my room.

*Lisa & Jerry's dog Oreo came into the living room as soon as they got there and pooped right in front of where Papa was sitting

*Yes, we made the cursory trip to the Pumper, but Laura & I made it an early night.

*Habeas Coacham, or, we have a coach! Kentucky hired Billy Gillispie on Friday. Instead of getting Billy D, we get Billy G. I have been reading good things about him, so I am excited at what this season will bring. I am also thinking we might need to make a trip up for Big Blue Madness this year.

*Our family spent all of Saturday afternoon going through boxes and boxes of old toys, stuffed animals, breakables, clothes, you name it, in preparation for the move. All that clutter in my bedroom was almost more than my OCD-ness could handle, but it was strangely satisfying to repack boxes, label them, and stack the finished boxes in the corner. It warmed my heart to see all those neatly stacked packages with labels on them, and the process of cleaning and purging our old junk was very cathartic for me, although I don't think mom & dad felt the same way. They are more attatched to baby shoes and clothes than I am. I still assert that we do not need an entire Box of Baby Shoes, but I may be losing that battle.

*We had the worlds smallest hamburgers for dinner that night- something about Laura not pounding them flat enough and then turning up the heat on the grill to cook them faster, which ended up scorching them.

*Laura, George & I dyed Easter eggs. I have some great pictures of this, but see above comment about my finicky Mac. Dad won the Egg fight this year.

*We watched the Pursuit of Happyness Saturday night. I had heard mixed reviews on it, and I agree with those who said it's very difficult to watch. It was so depressing and I was so tired, that I almost went upstairs and didn't finish the movie, that's how little I cared to see the end of this film.

*5:15 when the alarm went off came very early on Easter morning! 5 hours at church and singing in 3 services got me pumped up though- The Lord is risen- he is risen indeed!

*When I got home from singing in the 3rd service (Alan jackson is rumored to have come to BBC's second service on Easter!), mom & Laura had lunch ready.

*The Easter Bunny came and brought me some new pink kitchen utensils- the Easter Bunny must think I need to spend more time in the kitchen cooking!

*Momma B turned 21 (plus 33 years) yesterday! Happy belated Birthday!!!


Anonymous said...

that's funny what your papa said to laura about julius. but, it's only funny b/c i used to say the same thing to brett. i never could get him trained. haha! jk.

Mary Anna said...

Congrats on the new coach!

Happy Birthday, Momma B!