Tuesday, April 24, 2007

an ear-spliting performance

After almost 4 months of my life dedicated to HMS Pinafore, I am glad to have my time back! I thought I would be more sad as it ended, but nope- nothing but relief. As people would come through the line to greet the cast each night, I often times would get asked about the high notes I had to sing. Well, I never did make glass break with my high "C" but I did make a kid cry!!!

During the last Friday night performance, when many of my friends were there to see the show, there was a child of maybe 8 or 9 years old sitting in the front row, sitting directly in front of them. They noticed he was holding his ears for most of the show. Apparently younger ears are more sensitive to high pitches- (which makes sense in lieu of the recent story about kids having the mosquito ring tone that adults can't hear, so they can use their cell phones in class). By the end this kid was wiping tears from his eyes, and even took off his glasses to wipe his entire face. Finally, the climax of "Farewell, my own" was just too much for the little tike. It's the part where Ralph is about to be dragged off to the dungeon and Josephine pleads for him to be spared. I hit an extremely high note at the end, and at that point, the boy began crying hysterically, and couldn't pull himself together. So much so, that he ran out of the theater as soon at the next song began!

I was ignorant to the situation during the performance and saw the boy run out and figured he must have had to use the bathroom and couldn't wait. It wasn't until after the show in the "receiving line" that my friends explained to me what really happened. My first reaction was laughter before it turned to pitty. I guess that's bad. Oh well.


Mark Kelly Hall said...

Brava! My review is in...uh, online. Not really a review, just a note about how much I enjoyed the play, etc. With the pic that took so much effort to get. While you're at it you can scroll down to read all about another talented gal I admire.

(NOTE: for the record I was there on Sat. so it wasn't me crying on the front row).

Mary Anna said...

Said boy said directly in front of me during your performance. And to say that he was "crying" doesn't really do his anxiety justice. He sobbed. Blubbered. Lamented. And we laughed. And we laughed again when he expelled one last sob, and walked off, crossing the middle of the stage. Hi-larious.

I thought your voice was beautiful though. And I didn't plug my ears.

Anonymous said...

And I didn't plug my ears--I smiled every time you hit a high note and thought "those voice lessons really paid off!" The little boy gave MA and I someone to laugh at!!!