Saturday, January 06, 2007

Lunching with Loved Ones

Tis been the week of lunch dates- that glorious hour in the middle of my work day, where I am able to escape for exactly 60 minutes, lest a few precious minutes of my vacation time be snatched up in order to compensate for my tardiness, and catch up on life with a dear friend. Monday was January 1st, and we were still off on holiday, so back to work on the 2nd it was. That evening was spent where I won a date with Tadd Himelrick. We dined at Chili's and then watched the first 5 episodes of season one of Arrested Development. This is a show that several good friends of mine have sworn up and down that I would love, so I finally succumbed to the pressure and watched it. It did take a few episodes to get me interested, but I am hereby publicly admitting that my smart friends were right, I love the show, and will be booking some time with the Taddster as soon as our schedules permit to finish the first season on DVD.

Wednesday, January 3rd was lunch with Momma B and Laura Lee at Logan's. Thursday was TGI Friday's with Thomas (no more Oreo maddness- what's that all about?!). Friday was McCallister's with Beth, and finally, today yielded a trip up and back to Louisville to have a long lunch with Colleen and Holt. It was worth the drive since I hadn't seen either of them since July.

I love dining with friends, but for the sake of my pocketbook, I must insist upon several Lean Cuisines, and lunches in the 2nd floor cafe this week. And let me just tell you how excited I am about that!

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Mark Kelly Hall said...

"Arrested Development" rocks. Or whatever trendy expression of enthusiastic approval you care to apply. As a Baptist I'm constrained to include the obligatory disclaimer about the moral atmosphere and some content of the show...but otherwise it had me laughing my rear end off more often than not.

And here's something to impress your friends: a friend of mine who is in L.A. pursuing a career as a voiceover actress (having moved there from NYC because that's where you go if you want to be the next Pixar star) is a friend of Tony Hale who played Byron "Buster" Bluth; and (I just discovered thanks to he went to Samford--a Baptist college--AND met his wife, Martel Thompson, at a Bible study group in New York. So there.