Thursday, October 26, 2006

Strange But True

These are all true stories- I can't make this stuff up, people.

Apparently after many laborious hours of research (for some reason I'm wanting to say that phrase with a British accent) some brainiac Scientist has proved that- get this- Vampires are a Mathematical Impossibility! Oh good, now I can rest easy. Cause I've been so worried about that lately, what with all of Vampire movies on tv with Halloween right around the corner! Although I will say that if any of the leading men from Interview With the Vampire wanted to come and bite me, the lady might not protest too much! (Grrrr, baby!) What I really want to know is, who is the wacko that funds this type of "scientific research" and where can I find him or her? I feel I could put his or her money to much better use- not only for my own personal gain (a new car would be fantastic) but also to researching a much more worthy cause like oh, say, a cure for cancer, or better treatment for AIDS- call me Crazy!

Interesting tid-bit number 2 from the real news today (I sort of enjoy the word tidbit- especially like in pineapple tidbits- although you have to get the pineapple in the juice, and not the syrup that they try and trick you with). If you ever watched Veggie Tales as a young adult you might remember the Silly Song Barbara Manatee. This song has become a staple sing-a-long at the Bradley Household- so anything involving manatees is always of interest. It would seem that one of Barbara's relatives has made her way into Memphis via the Mississippi River Poor thing! It's just funny to think that manatees are roaming around Tennessee though.

Finally, while Man Bites Dog always makes for an interesting story, it's equally amusing when dog bites man, if it's the UT mascot Smokey, and his victim is an Alabama football player! Apparently spurring on the long-time rivalry, Smokey snapped at an Alabama player who "unintentionally" stepped on the dog, drawing blood, during the pre-game warm-up! The Vols were of course triumphant.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic Thursday. I promise the DC wrap-up is coming. Patience my people- I'm never home long enough to borrow my roommates computer to blog and a post that long would be impossible to compose at work. It's coming though, I promise!

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Heather said...

I give you 4 magnificent days of blogworthy moments and you can't give me one hour to blog about it... !!?? I mean I've waited and waited for my chance to "make it big" ... to "be a star" on the DIVA Domain and that blog you just happened to be "too busy" ...

Sh-uuuu-re. Sh-uuuu-re, Amanda.