Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Playing ketchup

Call me Slacker McSlackerson, but I have really fallen behind on blogging. I guess I've been too busy with my new-found appreciation for Fall to bother with my customary music, movie, and weekend reviews. 90 degree weather in October is my favorite kind of Fall, and I will be enjoying my lunch out-of-doors today I do believe. (ps, not naming names, but I had a friend in college who once quit a job in order "to enjoy the fall.")

There's no way I can keep up with MA's lineup of concerts, but I too was in the big group of friends & acquaintances who went to see Nickel Creek at the Ryman Auditorium back on September 23rd (happy belated b-day FR). I didn't didn't rush to blog about this show because being the ever-harsh critic, I was disappointed with the show and was not transformed into the maniacal fan that I was hoping to become by the end of the evening. Overall Nickel Creek was far more mellow than I had expected them to be. I was hoping for a rollicking evening of foot-stomping bluegrass, but that was just not in the cards. The bright moments of the evening included their opening song (no idea the name of it) that featured tight 3-part harmonies standing around a single microphone, a fantastic rendition of Britney Spears' Toxic, and a movement from a Bach concerto performed as a solo encore on the Amanda Lynn by front man Chris Thile.

Back up several weeks to another show that I failed to document in cyberspace. I was privileged to see Angie Aparo play at 12th & Porter on September 8th. This was a show I have been waiting almost a year to see, since I wasn't able to make his last Nashville show all the way back in May. (Looking back at the way that May night turned out, I would have been better off going to see Angie that night instead of Logan's & Roberts!!) Maury introduced me to Angie's music and I have been a fan ever since. Angie has had most of his industry success as a writer (Faith Hill's Cry, Big & Rich's Big Time, and Cowboy Troy's I Play Chicken with the train to name a few) but it's a shame because he has one of the most intense and unique voices I've ever heard. Short in stature, Angie makes up for it with his big personality and biting sarcasm on stage, keeping the audience laughing in between songs, and possesses the most controlled singing voice I've ever heard. As a singer I stood there in awe of his ability to carry out extremely long phrases and go from loud to soft volumes effortlessly. The other thing I love about Angie's music is that he has something to say in his music. They're not frivolous poppy songs, they're political statements, love epics, and many times controversial. Photo courtesy of Maury's camera phone. The stage was set up like an MTV unplugged stage, and it was a one-man-show that did not fail to disappoint. The man and his guitar know how to rock!

Finally, in the world of movies, I watched the single most bizaare movie I've ever sat through this past week. It's called the Science of Sleep. The only real reason I wanted to see it was because my favorite Mexican actor (doesn't everyone have one of those?) Gael Garcia Bernal was starring in it, so I went into the theater not knowing much more about it. (Good thing too, or else I might not have gone!) The protagonist has trouble discerning dreams from reality, and so as a result, you as the audience do too! Think of it as an Indie "Eternal Sunshine." If I had rented this movie I doubt i would have finished the whole thing, but I'm still strangely glad I saw this film. If you like foreign art films, this bud's for you.

Coming next in the concert review series: John Mayer & Sheryl Crowe this Sunday night at Starwood Ampitheater

Coming next in the weekend reviews: the joys of moving

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Mary Anna said...

Did I not ever comment on this post? Cause it's chock-full of goodness...

I see that we're finally admitting that fall isn't so bad aftearll...

It's a shame the Nickel Creek show wasn't one of their best. They really are fabulous when they're en pointe.

Gael Garcia Bernal---I'll pay to see him in anything. Yum.