Sunday, July 16, 2006

To Birmingham & Back

So Lana and I were spontaneous for a change! She called me last Monday around 3 o'clock that afternoon and said that she had 2 free tickets to go see Michael Buble' in Birmingham, an invite to a cocktail party beforehand, and the chance to meet Michael Buble'. A friend of hers had tix but couldn't go at the last minute. Now we all know how far in advance I book myself- I just made lunch plans for Thursday, plans on Saturday day and night, and posb Tuesday night plans (Can we go see Pirates then, Ari?) and that's just this week- so it was a big deal for me to plan the day before to drive to Birmingham on a whim. I think this counts as real spontaneity and not planned spontaneity, but you decide.

Tuesday came and Lana picked me up from work at 2:30 and we were on our way to B'ham. She and I just kept laughing because we were so giddy about a) being off work early b) being spontaneous and c) seeing Michael Buble'. The funny thing is, I wouldn't have considered myself a fan of his before going to this show. He came to Nashville a few months ago and I didn't care enough about him to go see him then, so it baffled some that I would take off randomly to Alabama to see him. But it was the thrill of the trip that got me pumped. It's very exhilarating to be spontaneous- I think I should try it more often!

Lana had the whole trip mapped out on Mapquest AND Rand McNally and even had it highlighted in pink! I was totally impressed. Now the funny part came when I got to looking at her handwritten directions from her friend who gave us the tix. Amidst phrases like "pricing" and "Renaissance person" (don't ask!) was the word "happy" written down. I immediately burst into laughter at Lana's spacey notes to herself, and I'm sure she had just communicated in writing her emotion at the time she was on the phone making notes to herself!

Some other funny moments:

*a tour through Ardmore, AL to get a snack at Sonic

*taking 30 minutes to primp and get ready in a nasty gas station bathroom

*Lana thinking that a man I was talking to at the cocktail party was trying to sell us vacuum cleaners, when really, he was just from Hoover

*being shushed by a 65 year old grandma in front of us during the uber-boring opening act- seriously- every song was slow and Canadian-folky, and at one point an entire row in front of us stood up to let some late comers in, and I whispered to Lana, that's probably the most people that have ever stood up for them at a concert, and then after the song was finished the singer quipped that at first she thought they were getting a standing ovation, and then she chastised the couple for coming in late!

*Michael Buble' doing Blue Steele!!!

*Singing along with Dave Matthews doing our best Dave impersonations

This guy was a great entertainer. He's very sexy, and he moves well on stage, plus he's hilarious! He made several jokes to all the guys in the audience who got drug there by their girlfriends. "I just pump air into the tires," he said. "You get to ride the bicycle home."

We had a blast laughing and enjoying the trip. I'm sure I'm leaving out some blogworthy, funny moments, but it's been a week since we went, and I've been too busy till now to blog about it! We didn't get to meet Michael unfortunately, but Lana did get an autographed picture, so it was a nice keepsake from the roadtrip!


Sarah said...

So jealous!! It sounds like y'all had a blast. And I think that definitely counts as real, not planned, spontaniety; any out-of-town adventure that's begun with less than 24 hours notice is classified as "flying by the seat of your pants." I love it!!

Mary Anna said...

I'd like to take credit for Lana's outfit for the occasion.

Anonymous said...

See! You should listen to Ari and I every once in a while. We know sexy, and Mr. Buble is SEXY!!!

Anonymous said...

Michael was totally staring at me the whole time..... he loves me!