Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Stockwell’s long-lost cousin

It’s been a fairly boring day here at work. I got very near to pulling a George Costanza and taking a nap under my desk! However, my mid-afternoon lull came to a screeching halt after this last customer I just talked to. This sweet guy from Pulaski, TN called in to order hymnals for his church. After placing a pretty big order (which was enough to cause me to perk up), we then were discussing various shipping options for him.

Mr. Pulaski Man remarked that either UPS or FedEx would be fine, as they know to leave it there, even though he has a dog in the yard. Starved for friendly human interaction, and being the consummate dog-lover that I am, I said,
“oh really? What kind of dog do you have?”
“Well,” said Mr. Pulaski, “he’s Labrador and Wiener dog.”
“Well that’s funny,” I said, “I have a Labrador and Basset Hound mix.”
“That’s what he is- Lab and Basset!” he exclaimed.
(I start to get really excited at this point)
"You have a Bassador?!" I inquired in disbelief.
“Is that what they’re called," he asked?
“Well, that’s just what we’ve always called ours for the past 6 or 7 years,” I said as I laughed.
“The only part of him that’s basset is his short legs,” Mr. Pulaski commented.
“Same with mine,” I said! “And he’s got bigger ears than a lab,” I continued.
“You’re exactly right,” he said.
At this point I am cracking up! Mr. Pulaski is amused too, because neither of us has ever met anyone who had this strange breed of dog before. His dog’s name is Duke. I tell him that my dog’s name is Stockwell. We have a good laugh and I get off the phone wondering why I ever even asked him about his dog in the first place, and feeling very pleased and amused that I did.


MamaB said...

You should have asked for a picture of Stockwell's long, lost cousin DUKE......maybe he is one of those DUKE dogs from Pulaski and may have a cousin named Bo or Luke or an Uncle Jessie.

Anonymous said...

mom your a nerd!

Mary Anna said...

Lovin' that you referenced George Costanza in your post! Not a day goes by that I don't reference a Seinfeld episode as it pertains to my real life. In fact, earlier today, I was jumping around my office (much to my officemate's delight) shouting, "I'm the Wiz--nobody beats me, cause I'm the Wiz!"

And on another note, Stella, the puppa, ate an 11-inch hole in the wall yesterday while my parents were at work. Dry-wall and all...