Monday, July 24, 2006

Life imitating Art

"What did you do this weekend?" Many will ask (because I am well known in societal circles, and people care what's going on in my life). Yes, they will ask, and will I answer with the humdrum answer of going to a movie, or (heaven forbid) staying in and doing nothing really? Gasp. Not at all. "I went to an exhibit and a lecture at the Frist Center," I'll say casually. Because that's just how I am; Casual and nonchalant, as if I frequent the museum every weekend. But really this is not true at all (see, here I am blowing my cover to you, my inner circle. Don't tell the other social elitists though). In fact I have only been to one other exhibit at the Frist. So this was quite the ordeal, getting a huge group together on a Friday after work to go see the Pulizter Prize winning photo exhibit.

I recommend this exhibit as a must-see. It is not only educational, it is extremely moving. I never dreamed that looking at pictures would stir up so many emotions, but I found myself having to walk away from certain photographs lest the tears I was holding back should start to pour down my face, and then I'd be the crazy emotional girl at the museum- you know the type- the one that everybody else stares at and says, "what's wrong with That girl?" Others photographs were peaceful pictures transporting me to another time and place. Cheesy, I know, but it's different looking at photos of real people and events verses paintings hanging on a wall.

There were 15 of us there altogether, and after making our way through the exhibit we headed to SATCo for a late dinner. Amanda was slightly ravenous at this point, seeing as how it was after 9pm, and she normally dines around 5:30pm, and we all know what a little bear Amanda can turn into when she doesn't eat! Luckily for my companions, I am a fantastic actress and was able to put on a happy face and fake it before I devoured my tacos and cheese queso (that was for you, Ari!). After SATCo several members of our group partook of the ice-cream in the Ben & Jerry's variety, and so we clogged the sidewalk and enjoyed the warm air, some nibbling their frozen treats, most of us laughing, and everyone having a good time.

Sometimes, we decided, being a grown-up is fun because you get to do cool things like go to art exhibits. Other times it means setting budgets and paying taxes. Those are the adult responsibilities I'd rather not discuss. I'd rather just eat ice cream.

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Mary Anna said...

hmmmm... adulthood or ice cream... ya, I'd say that's a really tough one...