Sunday, July 16, 2006

Just Married

This past weekend I had the priviledge of being Maid of Honor for my best friend from high school, Jenni Stockwell. (Yes, she's the one who we named Stockwell the bassadore after- and I made sure to mention him during my toast at the reception!) I was honestly pretty stressed about this wedding since it was out of town (Columbus, OH) and felt like I wouldn't know what to do as maid of honor, and wouldn't know what was going on since I was coming into everything after not having been part of the planning process.

But you know what? I had one of the most fun weekends of my life! I made a ton of new friends, many whom I will probably

L to R: Best Man Jason, the bride Jenni, the groom Andy, and the MOH, me

never see again, and was actually sad to leave them today. All of Jenni and Andy's friends got a kick out of my accent, nicknaming me "Nashville" all weekend and laughed and repeated the word "y'all" every time I said it, which is apparently more often that I would have guessed. Oh, and it was doubley funny when an "all y'all" would slip out! I argued with the guys about the SEC over the Big 10 conference and taught some of them the "presh" finger! I made the best man Jason promise me that he would take Presh back to LA wih him!

I don't think we made it to bed the past few nights before 3 am, hanging out in the hotel lobby Fri and Sat nights with everyone! The bright blue bridesmaid dresses were complimented well with the bright Gerber daisies we each carried in different colors- mine was fushia! Most catastophes were avoided and despite the situation during the ceremony where Jenni & Andy couldn't get the unity candle to light, everything went off without a hitch. So now Jenni and Andy are hitched!


Sarah said...

You look absolutely gorgeous; I love those dresses!!!

Mary Anna said...

I hear the blue dresses!

Amanda said...

oh really? what do they sound like, MA?

MamaB said...

The wedding was beautiful--Jenni was gorgeous--The reception was "5 star"--and Amanda in her blue dress and earrings and elegant hairdo made me very proud! Kudos to the Stockwells and the Rathbons!! And best wishes to the newlyweds, Mr and Mrs. Rathbon!

Anonymous said...

How was the toast???????

Amanda said...

Lana- it went sooo well- thanks for all your help. The Stockwell bit went over very well!

Anonymous said...

See... you wore that pink dress AGAIN for something else. Am I a good friend for making you buy that or what??

And you look like a doll in that bridesmaids dress!

-Beth :)

jason said...

great recap of the sure was a fun one!

presh for life!

emilyb said...

OMG...I LOVE that dress! You look beautiful, Amanda!