Tuesday, July 25, 2006

drivin dirty

Many of you may have read Mary Anna's post about her and her crazy friends (of which I am one) who like to sing rap songs operatically. Our song choice for the moment is Chamillionaire's "Ridin Dirty," and I called MA this morning and sang to her when the song came on the radio during my morning commute.

After laughing at my antics, the conversation wandered and eventually turned to a discussion held last night, and made mention of several people lashing out me about my driving skills. I was accused of driving too fast, while I maintain that I don't drive much faster than the average person, I simply accelerate fast. Call me crazy, but I feel that the sole purpose for an interstate entrance ramp is so that by the time you merge onto the highway, you are driving the speed of the traffic already on aforementioned highway.

An instance was brought up last night of a time when 2 car loads of us were driving downtown. After having met up at our usual spot, the Brentwood Waff, we took off. I was the lead car, and then the other car was following me. Last night I was chastised for driving so fast that the other vehicle couldn't catch up to me for miles.

I said to Mary Anna this morning, jumping back to our previous conversation, they were just tryin to catch me Drivin Dirty!


Mary Anna said...

I'm still laughing about this!

jillymae said...

you are correctamundo, sister! it IS an acceleration lane. drive on, fellow lead foot, drive on.