Sunday, July 09, 2006

The 11th annual 4th of July Bash

Who knew that back in 1996 we would still be hosting our legendary annual 4th of July parties at the Bradley Beach & Resort 10 years later? This truly was the last one at Devens Dr. since the house is currently on the market, but we lived it up and enjoyed ourselves anyways. The Locusts, as we fondly refer to our family because we always come in swarms, arrived Friday night. The house is perfect for parties such as these. We pull up chairs in a circle on the patio and sit around talking, drinking, and laughing late into the night. 21 of us in all slept in all corners of the house. Papa stayed inside watching TV, coming outside long enough to smoke his cigars.

cousins Braden & Nicole- the next generation of cousin friends. 2nd cousins or 1st cousins once-removed? We're not really sure. My uncle said that in Kentucky if you can't count that high then they must be legal!

This is most of us sitting around the pool enjoying the Tennessee sunshine.

I wish I could think of some funny stories to tell on here. Let's see- I didn't go to the Kenny Chesney concert. I was having too much fun hanging out with everyone at the house, so it looks like I'll have to catch him the next time he's close by. In fact, I crashed early on Friday night dragging myself to bed by 11:30, leaving everyone else up, and then on Saturday after being out in the sun all day and eating dinner, I went inside to take what ended up being a 4 hour nap! Mom woke me up at 11:30 to go to bed and instead I got back up and hung out with Ryan, Robin, Eric, and Mark till 2am. Of course there are always the stories to be told and re-told every year- Kelly falling into the pool, Grandma consuming too much salt and swelling up like a beachball, my cousin Mark who was the reason we started having these annual parties to begin with. Most of them are hysterical tales and never lose impact after hearing them for years on end. Most of them also involve my Grandma, whom we all miss, so it is good to laugh and remember her. I know this may have been the last 4th of July party at Chateau Bradley, but I hope we can continue to get together in the years to come wherever we may land.

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MamaB said...

It was the last locust party on Devens Drive but won't be the last locust party--locusts have a way of turning up somewhere!!