Tuesday, May 30, 2006

spring break '06

8 girls. 2 rental cars. No drama. Unbelieveable, yes?

We're back and bronzer than ever thanks to that quick jaunt to the beach. I'll have to do a quick recap sans-pictures because I relied heavily on our master photographer Lisa to capture most of the Kodak moments.

Friday afternoon Emily, Sarah, Mary Anna, Rhonda, Mandy, Lana, Lisa, and myself departed from Brentwood Baptist Church at approximately 4:15 pm. Rocky Toppys in-hand (that's Lana-speak for walkie-talkies) we synchronized our cd players and started the Florida 06 mix that Emily created at the same time as we headed south on I-65. My car (in the lead) was instantly nicknamed the Little Corolla that Could as it lurched forward whenever I put my foot on the accelerator. nu=3268>244>:7:>WSNRCG=32337966794;9nu0mrj">

Friday night was spent in Birmingham where we invaded Em's friend Ann Wade's house. her roommate was such a good sport at having 8 unknown, loud, giggley girls as guests for a night. After a lengthy dinner at Chili's, we headed back to the house and probably laughed off every calorie that we ate. A few funny moments from Friday night:
* I enjoyed a nice big slice of humble pie- Amanda
* All the drinks here look like they're exploding- Sarah
* Amanda, are you done with that?- Lana
* Lana's hair-mayonnaise- fried chicken story
* Awkward Will
* Ok, I'll tell one on myself- Ann Wade's roommate Sarah told me she went to Samford with Ann Wade but she was originally from Ar-Kansas. I said totally deadpan, where is that? At first everyone thought I was kidding, then they died laughing when they realized I was not. Of course she meant Arkansas, but I was thinking like Florala or Texarkana- like maybe it was a town that bordered between Kansas and Arkansas.

Saturday we hit the road at 6:15 am and after 5 stops in 5 hours we finally pulled into our condo and ravenously devoured our sandwiches that we had purchased just minutes earlier from a nearby overpriced deli. We were on the beach by 12:30 that day, and spent the rest of the day soaking up the sun. That night we got all gussied up and waited an hour and a half to eat at the famous local dive, the Red Bar. I have to say, the food was amazing and well worth the wait. Amongst our group we tried almost all of the 7 menu choices, and left there completely stuffed and exhausted. The idea had been of course to have dinner and then go out dancing or someplace fun, but we unanimously agreed that we were all too tired to go anywhere else! So much for us old fogies, huh?nu=3268>244>:7:>WSNRCG=323379667;969nu0mrj">


Sunday morning I awoke chompin at the bit to get on the beach- and yes, I detest that phrase, but I can't describe my insatiable anticipation in any other way! I hit the beach by 9:15, the other girls joined me a little after 11. We spent a glorious day in the sun and sand, taking walks, gabbing from our circle of towels, and playing in the ocean. Lisa, our unofficial trip photographer, got zoolander face poses and individual shots of each of us on the beach, and convinced several passer-byers to take group shots for us, none of which had ever seemed to have operated a digital camera before.
After showers, some frozen margaritas made by yours truly, and a dance party in the kitchen, we headed to Publix for a few more groceries, and across the street then this kitschy seafood house where we stuffed ourselves with hush puppies, fried shrimp (minus me & Lisa, the non-seafood-eaters), and french fries. Another night had come and gone- all ideas of making brownies and watching movies were dashed as we all ending up falling into bed before 11 o'clock that night. Must have been all that heavy fried food... yeah... that's it. nu=3268>244>:7:>WSNRCG=3233796696373nu0mrj">

Monday- Memorial day- most everyone hit the shops at Seaside, while Lana and I made one last visit to the beach before we rolled out of Seagrove Beach at 11 am. We stopped at the first place we came to to grab some lunch, along with every other departing vacationer, at the most shady Subway and Hardee's that we had ever seen. In fact, every single place we stopped on Monday was sketchy, nasty, and run-down, but with 8 girls on a road trip, you're bound to have to make some stops, and can't always be picky about when and where those stops occur! nu=3268>244>:7:>WSNRCG=3233796684;6

I will leave you with my own personal favorite anecdote from the weekend, as I'm sure Em and MA will grace us with their own recollections as well:

I asked Lana if she would put sunscreen on my back, that I would return the favor and put sunscreen on her back. She said in her purposely-funny voice, well, I don't know- you put sunscreen on Mary Anna's back yesterday and um, well, she burned.
What?! I exclaimed? That is totally sadistic of you! I screamed while laughing. There is no way I did that on purpose.
Yes, well, it's just that you don't apply the sunscreen very liberally, she said.

And apparently several of them had already had this discussion before I was around, to which Emily replied- yeah, that's about the Only thing that Amanda's not liberal with!!

I hope to add pictures soon, but at least the trip in review is now complete! Snap back to reality, oh, there goes gravity...


Mary Anna said...

Lovin' it!

I'm ready for Beach Trip round three!

I'm still having issues with Blogger... :(

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Anonymous said...

I know you wanted Mary Anna's back to burn... you devil, you! My back didn't burn a bit, thanks to the fabulous Emily, who applies sunscreen flawlessly. You could learn a lot from her. Thanks Emily!
Love your blog!

Sarah said...

Love it!! Yay Bayou Bill's....