Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Soul Patrol or McPheever?

It's about that time- who will be crowned the next American Idol? If it had been up to Simon, Taylor Hicks would never have even made it to Hollywood! Honestly when I began watching the show a few months ago I could never have predicted that he would have made it to the Finals (Chris Daughtry, we miss you!). On the flip-side, I pinpointed Katherine as a really good singer from the first episode I saw.

This show is addicting and will take up 2 of your weeknights all tv season once you start watching. Thank goodness for TiVo since I'm never home when the show is actually on!

I must say that by the Finale (which is tonight- get with it, people!) most viewers already know who they want to vote for. I doubt there were many who waited to hear all 3 performances last night before finally deciding whether to cast their votes for Kat or Taylor. The next step of course is actually getting through to vote. I tried several times within that 4-hour block and never could get through on the phone. I also happen to be one of the fortunate Cingular customers who have the luxury of voting via text message. Even that was an impossibility last night it seemed. Out of the 10-20 text messages of "VOTE" that I sent, I only received one reply confirmation that my vote was received. So I'm wondering if only one of mine counted, and all that other hassle was for naught.

Most of the time I actually agree with Simon Cowell, though I can't say that I would be quite so blunt in my commentary. Awful jacket, Taylor- yes, I agree. Amazing Somewhere over the rainbow, Katherine? Yes- agreed. And his opinion that the rounds looked like this:

round one: Taylor
round two: Kat
round three: Taylor

was right on the money. I was surprised however that Simon didn't criticize the original songs more, though I guess he has been warned not to offend the song writers. Even still, Katherine butchered hers more than Taylor did. BUT, as a singer even I could see that Katherine was unfairly dealt the more difficult song, with a melody that jumped all over God's creation and was written in a terrible range for her. As bad as she sounded, I actually felt sorry for her since she didn't have a say in the song choice.

My pick is Taylor. Let's see what the rest of America decides.


Mary Anna said...

I like 'em both---but Taylor's got this one in the bag! And he's the one that really needs the title anyway. Kat is gonna be successful regardless.

See you tonight for the finale!

Rhonda Lu said...


i heart taylor hicks

Anonymous said...

I am so glad Taylor won! I also voted many times tuesday and only received one confirmation message. But hey, it worked!

emilyb said...