Tuesday, May 16, 2006

RENT: not just a favorite Broadway musical- it's also a reason to gather on a dreary afternoon!

Why are things always funnier when 2 or more or gathered? Or even more accurately, why are things always funnier whenever Lana is around?

Our Memorial Day beach trip is coming up soon (aka Spring Break 06) (shut up. We can still pretend we're in college and get a spring break. I AM 21 you know!) After MUCH deliberation, we decided to rent 2 cars to tote the 8 of us to our tropical destination. However, due to the youth that plagues (blesses?) half of our vacationers, only 4 of us are 25 and are of-age to drive the rental vehicles without incurring extra charges. Fine. Not such a big deal. 2 cars, 4 drivers. We'll split the trip into 2 halves for the drivers, of which I am one. The other Grandmas of the group include Lana, MA, and Rhondonkulous.

MA and I each rented a car in our names, but the 4 drivers met up today at the Enterprise office to take care of the paperwork and get the other 2 drivers' information on file with the rental car company. Hurdle number 1 to overcome: we cannot find the place. It's located in "No Man's Land" as Rhonda put it, on Mallory Lane in Brentwood, but on the other side of Moores Lane (away from Target). This side of Mallory is really short, so I didn't figure that finding a rental car place, its sign, and a parking lot full of rental cars would be that difficult to spot. Of course I was wrong in my thinking. MA was the first of us to spot the tiny sign so she directed us via cell phone- in our defense it wasn't marked from the road, and there was no sign of a parking lot full of rental cars anywhere- they must drive them over from another location- but whatever.

Flustered from driving up and down the street a few times, I get out of my car at the same time as Rhonda, and we realize that we are dressed like twinkies. Brown long-sleeved shirts, tan striped pants, and brown heels. Great. So now we walk into Enterprise dressed like tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum. MA comes in the door seconds later. We are giggling and are easily the loudest people in the small rental office. (Imagine that!) A few minutes later Lana shows up. We crack up b/c Lana has parked in the owner's vacated-but-clearly-marked reserved space. But Rhonda and I couldn't really say much, b/c we both parked in the only other open spots that were marked for the adjoining collision center. As Rhonda and I are modeling our matching outfits for Lana, Rhonda and I bump heads which sends us in to fits of more giggling. We discover that the 4 of us are all in brown actually. I'm sure the employees in there feared for their cars, thinking, what ditzes! We are renting cars to Them?! The 4 of us awkwardly stand at the front of the office while no less than 4 female employees go about their business, ignoring us completely- and we were being pretty hard to ignore!

Finally a cute & single (we know this b/c MA checked his wedding band finger) guy asked us if we had been helped yet. Actually no, we haven't been helped yet, we tell him. He proceeds to playfully scold the female associates, and we muddle our way through misunderstanding after misunderstanding to get all of our rental stuff taken care of. It actually was a surprisingly uncomplicated process, but focusing on the task at hand was difficult to do. Yes, we clarified, we've already rented the cars online. No, we don't already have the cars in our possession. Then Lana couldn't find her license (You'd better have it I said, otherwise, why are we here?), then the guy did a double-take at Rhonda's license b/c she looks so different now from her picture. Really, we made such a scene in there that I'm wondering if they were all second-guessing their decision to allow us to rent cars from their company, and I was wondering what kind of option they would have to retract our rental contract and declare us unfit drivers!

Maybe this was one of those Tadd YHTBT moments, but I walked out of that place thinking, why do things like this always happen to us? It's never that simple as we think it ought to be!


Mary Anna said...

I love it that Lana parked in a spot labeled "BOBBY PRICE PARKING ONLY." Obviously it was THE Bobby Price of Price's Collision.

Who has the additional (initial) license?

And my favorite comment from the rental guy, "Whoa, she's like flower child here!"

Anonymous said...

Who does Bobby Price think he is!!??? I am way more important!!

Anyways - I have to differ, I think things are always funnier when YOU are around! Can't wait for our trip!!!!!!!!!!!