Sunday, May 14, 2006

the McWeekend in review

It occurred to me today that I haven't posted any random blogs lately about things that have no conjuncture with my own personal life, so I promise to scrounge up something good in the next few days. For now you'll have to settle for my usual weekend update. This one was a good one- full of stories and laughter and new inside jokes from all those involved. (You who witnessed the Roadhouse Tea debacle, you know who you are, and that's all I'm sayin')

Friday started out with a bang. We were culminating the birthday celebration for Maury by heading downtown to Robert's on Broadway for what was dubbed "Hats and Boots Night." But a girl's gotta eat right? So Beth, her husband Daniel, Maury, and myself met at Logan's for dinner since Laura was working that night. She's always in the bar area on Friday nights which means the tables are first-come-first-serve, so I got there a few minutes early to try and stake our claim on one of Laura's tables so the others wouldn't have to wait as long once they arrived.

The timing worked out perfectly- Maury arrived, and a few minutes later this one table paid their check and Laura informed me they'd be getting up soon and to watch for them to leave. The second they started to leave, Maury and I walked a few feet towards the table, allowing the bus boys to clean the table off first when this lady with awful hair slid into the booth in front of my very eyes!!! I was in utter disbelief! Where the heck did she come from? I had no idea, but I was about to find out. The lady kind of glared at me triumphantly as I stood there and picked up my jaw from the floor, and I stated to her very matter of factly,
"Ma'am, I was waiting for this table."
And she replied, "sorry, it's first come first serve."
"Yes, I'm aware of that," I said, "but my sister is the server and I have been standing over here (I gestured) for 20 minutes waiting for this particular table to get up."
Mind you, the lady could have sat at any other table in the bar area, whereas Laura only has certain tables in her section that she's responsible for, so I had to wait for another of her tables to open up. I could feel the heat rising in my neck and face and had Maury not been there to pull me aside I probably would have sat down at the table across from her and beaten her to a pulp- or else attacked her with vicious rhetoric (name that movie!!). So back I went to my spot where I had been standing in the bar before to wait for the next of Laura's tables to open up.

By this time Beth & Daniel arrived, so fuming, I tell them what just happened. What really burned me up was that 2 seconds after I relinquished the table against my will another table in the bar emptied, but by that time it was too late. Not too much longer after this, Laura's next table opened up which happened to be next to the awful woman with unfortunate hair, so I said loudly to anyone who would listen, and I hope this woman and her husband were,
"Thanks Laura, this is the best table in the entire restaurant!!"
I know. It was a cheap shot, and I should have let it go, but come on!!! What decent person wouldn't be a little more understanding??? I mean, it was my sister's table, and the table-snatcher had to have seen me walking towards that table before she got to it- it's not my fault she was rude and slid into the booth while I was trying to be considerate of the bus boys to try and let them do their job! What do I get for being considerate I ask you? A rising blood pressure, and a desire to drink.
The Roadhouse Teas happen to be excellent at Logan's, but let me warn you that one is sufficient. Two is too many, especially if one does not eat their dinner. I learned that the hard way Friday night and provided entertainment for all with my antics. Maury and I headed to Robert's where we donned our hats and danced the night away. The place was extremely packed- I guess our guys are not the only ones in Nashville who are fans of the house band, the Brazilbillies.

Saturday a bunch of us went to Thompson Station Church to see Maury D and the Shanks (aka Maury, Adam & John) play at this craft fair the church was hosting outdoors. It was a gorgeous day here in Middle Tennessee (I had many a sungasm this day) so after the music was over and I perused the craft booths a little bit, I headed home to help out with yardwork. We sang out annual "Mulcho Man" song while we weeded and mulched, and had an amazing dinner that night after a hard day of work of grilled hamburgers, baked beans, coleslaw and french fries outdoors on the deck. This was the first outdoor meal of the season- the first I hope of many.

Saturday night Em & I watched a few episodes of Grey's Anatomy on dvd (season one) and then we all got together tonight for part one of the season finale at the Penthouse. Commercial breaks were spent talking about how hot McDreamy, Denny, and were. Also we discussed the implications of Izzie's actions, and who we think needs to be together on the show. Yes, I realize they are not real people but when you're watching this show and all 5 of us let out audible screams as the episode ends ("the scream heard 'round the world"), you start to realize it's not just a show! You actually care about these people- erm- I mean- characters.

We concluded our Mother's day by standing around the Penthouse kitchen enjoying some birthday cake for Karen's birthday. Rhonda bought it and it was a small sheet cake. Of course this led to countless sheety jokes. Such as being full of sheet, the cake was brown sheet, us talking sheet, and my personal fav, holy sheet (since it was a Sunday). I am exhausted now. And I'm sure that if you made it to the end of this blog too that you're exhausted from reading. Cheers and good night!


emilyb said...

Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!

I have mixed emotions about tonight. I want it to come, but yet I'm scared, too! That's when you know it's time to ween yoursefl from a show. :)

Mary Anna said...

GA tonight is gonna be the sheet!

Anonymous said...

Ok, Bradley I am leaving you a comment. Did anyone else hear that Hallelujah chorus? =^) I'm glad to hear you had a good night except for the unfortunate hair lady. You handled it well though. I would have probably gotten into an arguement. I hope Laura gave them crappy service though just for you!

Amanda said...

ps- Ari and Bart were there and that made me very happy. Ari hates country music, but she oblidged so that Bart could join in the birthday celebration and have an excuse to wear one his funky shirts and cowboy hats...
which he did Not end up wearing!

Anonymous said...

he wore the shirt...just not the hat. bradley should know where it is by now, though.

Sarah said...

yay Grey's tonight!! Sort of can't wait...

Also, I'm digging the pix look fantastic!!

MamaB said...

No comment from Mama B about the Roadhouse Tea as I have experienced that for myself but I had the good sense to stop at half of one!!!!! It was good to hear from you on Friday night though Amanda to let me know you were heading downtown to Roberts!!!