Friday, May 05, 2006

the Ladies Senor

So yesth. Bathically I am hyper becauth it ith Cinco de Mayo and I just got back from a yummy lunch at Blue Coast Burrito. Follow my train of thought from the Ladies Man movie quote, "Heyyyy baby, can I buy you a fisth sandwich or something?" and replace it with the mexican version- "heyyyy seniorita, can I buy you a fisth taco or somethin?" (Blue Coast Burrito is known for their famous fish tacos. I'm not one to be partial to seafood so you'll have to take Beth or Cody's word for it that these are indeed delectable)

We laughed our way through lunch, and I am getting geared up for a night with the girls eating mexican food, drinking margaritas and watching season one of Grey's Anatomy on dvd. This sounded like a better option to the masses rather than salsa dancing, which is what we had originally planned on doing.

The extra fun bonus for the day was that I uploaded a ton of new music on my itunes this morning at work, so how can one be in a bad mood when you've got Beyonce to dance to in your cubicle?

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Mary Anna said...

I'm so pumped about tonight! And who knows, we may get a wild hair and see what's going on at Club Ibiza anyway!