Friday, May 26, 2006

Beach or Bust

T-minus 2 hours till Spring Break '06!

My, oh my, how the trips have grown. My first year out of college Rhonda and I took our first annual beach trip which we dubbed Spring Break '04. She and I met her mom & Sam down in Watercolor, FL and stayed in this multi-million dollar beach condo for free. I met my Navy boy Blake, and Rhonda "drank a watermelon."

Last year's trip grew to 5- ha- 5 in 05. Me, Rhonda, Mary Anna, Emily, and Lana went to Blue Mountain Beach & Ft. Walton. It was at our overnight stay with Aunt Peggy in Birmingham that Lana made her famous quote from the trip, "I need to start collecting something." We met and photographed the Rhinestone Cowboy for TAR, and also met our ideal man in Wild-At-Heart Brad at The Back Porch (who we STILL talk about!!)

This year the spring-breakers have grown to an astounding 8 girls. At 4pm today myself, Rhonda, Lana, Emily, Mary Anna, Mandy, Sarah, & Lisa will depart from our rendevous point at BBC and head to Seagrove Beach. What will this year's infamous quote be? What funny stories and inside jokes will ensue? What Beach Boy will catch our eye? Who will come back bronzed and who will come back burned?

Stay tuned for all this and more in our vacay re-cap next week, and have a happy and relaxing Memorial Day weekend!

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Mary Anna said...

I cannot wait to hear what comes out of Lana's mouth this year!