Monday, July 11, 2005

Things you don't often hear at work

An email went out to a group of people, inviting us to lunch.
My response:
Here's an excuse you don't normally hear, but I have to go buy tap shoes on my lunch break.
Coworker #1's response:
Not s'posed to go shopping while you're hungry. You might end up with
more tap shoes than you need. You should eat first.

Coworker #2's response:
And wait 30 min...before...buying...?

And later on, I walked over to another guy's cubicle. "Don't take this the wrong way Chuck," I said, "but it smells like Guinea pigs over here." I began to explain that the scent was distinctly the smell of cedar wood chips that are often found in the aquariums and cages of small rodents such as gerbils and guinea pigs. We took turns smelling Chuck's lunch bag- but the origin of the scent could not be determined. All I know is my nose knows what it smelled ("and it wadn't no brimstone.")


Anonymous said...

yes, but did you smell the big wheel he keeps at his desk? that may be the source of the problem.

jillymae said...

you guys are hilarious :0)