Saturday, July 23, 2005

Monet's Waterlillies

Monet's Waterlillies
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This was so incredible to see in person. Cliche Monet yes, but still one of Mom's favorites. My favorite was a huge Renoir painting. There was too much to see, and our feet were throbbing. Plus we got lost in the museum a few times. Thank goodness for the people who work there that can point you toward the exit!

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MamaB said...

thanks for the picture of one of my favorite paintings. so glad you had the opportunity to go to NY on this mission trip. I know the results were what you expected in that you began something by painting school #117 and that will make a difference for those students and teachers when they start back to school in the fall and hopefully, this trip will lead to other opportunities in that neighborhood the next time a group goes there. Also--I know this trip kicked up your desire to make NYC your home in the not-to-distant future......and that is a life-long wish for you and one that I am praying about for you and for me! Love ya!