Tuesday, July 26, 2005

catch phrase

So, you know, I was driving home last night and you know, called back Corbin, the director for the Secret Garden at Boilerroom Theater, and you know, he told me he didn't have a part for me in the principals, but you know, he would like to cast me as one of "spirits" in the ensemble. Would I be interested in doing that?

You know Corbin, I don't think I would! And would you PLEASE stop saying "you know" after every phrase??? Every. Single. Phrase! Of course I didn't say that- I said I'd think about it and check my dance class schedule, and you know, I'd call him back in a day or two.

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MamaB said...

You know, I am really glad that you are making a good decision, you know, about this musical. You know, sometimes it doesn't hurt to say like, you know, NO to someone especially when they offer you a part and you know,they say "you know" too much. Good decision, you know. Love, Mom