Wednesday, July 13, 2005

4th of July on the 13th of July

Ok. I finally submit to the masses who are pestering me about this belated blog. I don't even know what was so significant about the weekend that has caused all the hype, so post a comment if I've left out your favorite 4th of July weekend moment.

We had our annual Bradley Beach Bash at the house- this was our 10th year to host the shindig. It began as a way to get all of the family on my Mom's side together, as we are rarely all together, residing in Wisconsin and the extreme northern and southern parts of Indiana, plus us in Tennessee. This year was the smallest get-together to date, with my Aunt Lisa & Uncle Jerry, my cousin Eric, his friend Mark, and my grandfather making the trip down. Most of the time is spent outside on the back patio eating and drinking, with everyone sitting in a big circle of chairs talking late into the night.

I took Eric and Mark, both newly 21, downtown to Tootsie's, which they said was so crowded they felt like they were in a concert, and The Stage, where the guys were amazed at the size of the bar and how many people were packed in. "There's more people in here than in my entire home town," Eric exclaimed. In true Harris Boy fashion, Eric did get sick while we were out, though thankfully outside in the alley by the Stage, and not at the bar like his brother last summer.

Eric, who is usually pretty quiet, gets quite chatty when drinking we observed, and he and I had some great talks about politics on Sunday night. It became kind of a joke that he was talking so much, so Jerry told him "you're not gonna have a hangover tomorrow; you're gonna have a sore throat!" A classic Jerry quip, and most definitely, the quote of the weekend.

The fam left on Monday (the 4th), Emmy Sue finally got back in town (Hooray!), and Rhonda and I met up with a bunch of people downtown for the fireworks. Lana was with us again this year, and had little kids turning around staring at her for being more enthused than they were. "Can you believe it's someone's job to design fireworks all year?" I said.
"I should have majored in Firworks," she said matter-of-factly.

Happy Independence Day. Pictures to follow soon.


MamaB said...

Yes, it was another fun-filled weekend and one of our most low-keyed 4th of July celebrations but lots of fun anyway. Family get-togethers are the best kind of celebrations to host. Reminiscing about previous 4th of July parties is one of the best things that we do when we are sitting outside late at night but talking politics with Eric will be one of those things we talk about for years to come!!!

daddy b said...

I believe this was the first 4th since I've been old enough to strike a match, that we didn't shoot any fireworks. We decided that we shouldn't spend the money and about everyone was gone by the night anyhow. So the other day while your Mom was cleaning, she finds a sack of fireworks left over from previous years, with enough rockets in it to knock a hole in the Brentwood Bubble... Go figure..

Amanda said...

find any Monkey Drives??? :o)

emilyb said...

I just love Lana...major in fireworks...priceless! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for finally posting the blog about the 4th. I enjoyed filling Eric's shotglass with jager and him not realizing that I kept filling it and it wasn't him.

Anonymous said...

HEY! Can you believe I am finally able to post a comment? I can't help it, I LOVE fireworks! I miss you. Hurry up and come home! LANA