Saturday, June 18, 2005

weekend ramblings

I finally heard from Mrs. Borders today to say that the group landed and are fine in Chisinau. I was relieved to finally have some verbal confirmation that Rhonda and Emily were safely there- it was a very parental feeling that kicked in as soon as I knew their plane had taken off from Nashville- I just wanted to know that they had reached their final destination safely! Although I say safely, and Mrs. Borders also told me that there was a small earthquake in Chisinau soon after they arrived. How crazy is that? Talk about spiritual warfare in an unexpected sense!

Today has been full of family time in doing yard work, getting some sun-therapy by the pool, and grilling out for dinner tonight. Tomorrow will be too, as we celebrate Father's Day. I am so excited about my dad's Father's day present that it is killing me not to be able to say ("I don't wanna say!") what it is.

Last night I finally watched the movie Closer. It was absolutely fantastic. I will pre-empt that by saying it was yes, a lot about sex, but also cinematically brilliant. Natalie Portman is one of my favorite actresses and she is luminescent on film. The four actors were amazing, but one of my favorite things about Closer was its use of music. It's what I pay attention to when watching movies- I can't help it. In one of the first scenes there was Mozart opera playing- I didn't know which one it was, but it kept showing up all over the film. There would be a dissonant dominant 7th chord just as something dramatic or poignant happened in the movie, and the music aided in moving the action along. Finally, upon reading the closing credits, I gleefully discovered that the omnipresent Mozart opera was his infamous "Cosi' fan tutte," loosely translated as, "Women are like that." How clever of the director to use this opera, whose plot follows 2 couples who betray each other! I realize the majority of filmgoers would never get this connection, and yet I appreciate the director's attention to detail in this sort of thing for those that do.

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jillymae said...

i love when movies and music combine to make beautiful stories like that. i hear music in my head when i read stories most of the time anyway. =)