Tuesday, June 28, 2005

post-pity party

wow! I feel like George Bailey- you all were very kind in your words of affirmation. Thanks for your support. I realize I have a lot of work to do as far as dancing goes, but the goal is attainable, and I know what I need to do to get there.

We had a "Come to Jesus Meeting" at work this morning- that's what everyone calls Joel's little pep talks where he basically tells us we haven't been doing our job, and opens the floor up for suggestions on ways to fix this. Just like the dancing dilema in my personal life, I know the things I have been neglecting in my professional life and I know what I can do to fix them. Sometimes you just need a swift kick in the pants to get you motivated.


Jenni said...

I hear that. I was recently the subject of an email to my manager from a nurse on another floor that I had neglected to chart something rather important on a patient. On any other shift, I would have remembered to do it, but that particular shift was hands down the worst shift of my life so far. And it's just fitting that I got caught being neglectful of something so mundane on a patient that was perfectly stable when my other patient was dying at 4am. The point is, sometimes you do have to get a kick in the pants about professional responsibilities. The difference is the people who feel the kick and those who don't. I love you GB!

PS-My favorite t-shirt is the homemade JENNI T-shirts we made in high school when I was running for Class secretary. The design was hand drawn by my mom and sis and we ironed on to good ol' Hanes white tees. It's soft and almost see through, but it has my name on it!

MamaB said...

Jenni--you reminded me of the t-shirts we made when amanda ran for vp her senior year I think. In fact, I was cleaning the box of old tshirts out this morning and came across the one with a "happy face" on it with her name. It was a white-see-through Hanes shirt too!!! Your mom and I were busy little bees weren't we?????

jillymae said...

pssst. TAG!!! you're IT!