Monday, June 06, 2005

Nashville Star, Cannelton-style

The Bradley family piled into the Bug Saturday morning for a quick trip up to Indiana to see family. And as usual, our family get-togethers always bring laughter. First, we get into Cannelton and are attempting to park the car at the house and there are all these barefooted kids on their bikes just standing in the street and staring at the car! Apparently not many people in those parts drive Volkswagen Beetles. The kids asked us, “What’s it like to ride in a slug bug?“

We got there at 11am, and Laura went to the fridge to get a Mountain Dew. She reached in and pulled one out, opened it and took a drink before exclaiming that she had accidentally grabbed a beer! We kidded that our newly 21-year-old had done this on purpose. My grandfather has his canned drinks lined up in rows at the bottom of the fridge so it really was an honest mistake. I tried to drink the beer but at 11 am it was too early, and I was still too full from breakfast to even enjoy it. Alcohol absuse, I know, but we poured it out and got her a Mountain Dew (for real this time).

Later that night Laura and I were privy to witness Karaoke Night at Bear’s. (Don’t worry- we went to the Pumper first and I got to hear Jimmy’s infamous rattley laugh.) Bear’s is down the street a little ways, and named after the owner Bear, who is 87 years old! His son was bartending that night, and he is in his 60s. The place was “packed” according to my cousins, but to someone who is used to fighting the Tin Roof on a Saturday night, this was nothing. I quickly became known as the “Nashville Star” thanks to Ryan who was putting my name in to sing songs and paying the dj to get them to the top of the request stack. Only after he did that would he ask me if I would sing, so I had no choice but to belt out the Sheryl Crow- Kid Rock duet with Ryan, and sing “When you say nothing at all” and “Blue” by myself. The locals were appreciative except probably the ones who took their karaoke very seriously and thought they were practicing for American Idol. It was not a pretty sight nor sound.

Finally my aunt Lisa came over on Sunday afternoon to catch Mom up on the latest small town gossip, which is always amusing. They talk about what’s going on with their brothers and sisters, and Lisa told us what happened to her son Chris one day while he was working at the volunteer fire house. It was right after the pope died, and some crazy lady called in (who also happens to be the relative of another relative) (everyone’s related in small towns it seems) and asked my cousin to ring the new fire bell in honor of the pope. Lisa said that Chris went “ring ring” and hung up on her. Not nice, no, but absolutely hysterical at her expense anyways.

So those are the weekend highlights. The fam is good- the littlest cousins keep growing, the little cousins aren't little any more, and the older ones are married and having kids of their own! And me? I'm just sittin on the dock of the bay, wasting time...


MamaB said...

You are not wasting away----you are keeping us all informed with your blog!!

UncleM said...

You left out the best part of your visit! Spending time with your favorite Uncle & Aunt and playing chalk with Brae & Garrick