Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Moldova or Bust

Once again, members of the Penthouse residence are heading overseas for a mission trip- that’s right- I said members, plural. Only this time, it’s Emily and Rhonda who are going, and me who gets left behind. The two of them are traveling tomorrow with BBC to Moldova, the poorest country in Europe, and formerly part of Russia to work with orphans. (Correct me if I get any of this wrong, girls) They will lead a primitive form of VBS through the aid of translators, and teach these kids about God’s love for them who have never heard the Gospel before. The camp is for the orphans who have absolutely no where else to go in the summer, so as a result, the majority of the orphans in Moldova end up on the streets, as there are not enough of these summer camps available for them. I’ve watched as my roommates prepare for this trip, and cannot imagine how heartbreaking it is going to be for them when they see the living conditions of these precious children. Instead they must focus on changing the lives of a few to in turn affect many more.

The second week, Rhonda will come home, and Emily will stay on as a second BBC team arrives. They will be building beds for orphans through a ministry called Sweet Sleep started by fellow BBC member Jen Gash. (Why is it that some people just have those names that naturally have to be said, first and last together? Jen Gash- she would never be just Jen. Same goes for my friend Jon Cate. It must be those 2 one-syllable names.) Sweet Sleep started after Jen Gash took a mission trip to Moldova a few years ago; a country with an overwhelming orphan population. She witnessed the terrible living conditions of the Moldovan children, and decided to do something about it.

Rhonda will be gone for 10 days, and Emily for a full 19! So I just wanted to take a moment to share with you guys the amazing step of faith and obedience to God’s calling that my 2 wonderful roommates are taking. Please pray for them and the rest of their team as they prepare to show these kids God’s love for them. The Penthouse will be quite the quiet place for a few days.


emilyb said...

Thanks for the shout out! I know this will be a life-changing experience - at least that's what I'm asking God to do. I just feel privileged to be a part of something so much bigger than myself. And even though we're going over there to help the children and share God's love with them, I know we will be equally (if not more) changed. I loved what Scott said last night...we're all missionaries - you're either a good one or a bad one. You don't have to go to South Africa or Moldova to be a missionary. I know that with my head, but it's so hard to make that a part of my everyday life. Oh Lord, give us kingdom eyes so that we might see the "mission field" as you see it. May every day of my life be a mission trip!

Mark Kelly Hall said...

Traveling a long distance to a foreign, still-developing country, dealing with the tough life issues and realizing how much more there will be left to be done after leaving...a real step of faith, for sure. But leaving Amanda to look after the apt. alone--now THAT"s on a martyrdom level of sacrifice and risk! HA!

As a fellow traveler of Amanda's on the last South Africa trip (so I kid her)*, and having had several short- and long-term missions experiences in the past (and hopefully S.A. again this Oct.), I agree that you will do much good but much good will happen within your own hearts if you are halfway awake to the Spirit. Nothing makes you realize how blessed (and/or spoiled) we are in the U.S. as a trip to another place. They probably won't even be nearly as obsessed with Michael Jackson's verdict there! Imagine!

Grace & Peace (and pack extra underwear in your carry-on)

*for my take on that trip, see the Notes and News entry on my site:

Amanda said...

Mark, you are TOO funny! Someday I hope to go back to South Africa with you and go on another Great Penguin Hunt! Good advice and excellent observations for my girls, and as usual, dependably witty!

Anonymous said...

may God bring peace and safety to your trip and bless you, your team and the children you will be working with. love you both!

emmysue said...