Tuesday, June 21, 2005

the fabric of our lives

Drifting in and out of sleep while I hit my snooze button, I faintly heard a conversation on the radio this morning. Gerry House was having people call in and tell about their favorite t-shirts. What a loyal piece of clothing, when you actually stop and think about it! I mean, t-shirts speak volumes about a person. Ad the best part about them is the longer you have them, the softer they are, the better they fit, and the more history they tell.

We have a Murray State t-shirt that was my mom’s in college that got passed down to me and then to Laura, and now it is so worn that no one can wear it, for fear of the whole front decal, cotton and all, ripping off. I guess my favorite is my blue Kentucky shirt; a Kentucky-blue shirt with a white Kentucky across the front. It’s the one I reach for first in my overly-stuffed t-shirt drawer (Why do we do that anyways? We'll have a million t-shirts and wear the same 5 or 6!). So a big shout-out to those articles of clothing shaped like a letter- I never knew how good I had it in college when I could wear them to class every day! Now the trusty cotton garments must be relegated to weekend wear or after-hours lounge apparel.

Have a favorite T? Feel like sharing?


daddy b said...

Now that you mention it.. I haven't seen my gold " Gear for Days" shirt that I always do yardwork in. Is it possible that someone has hidden it?
I also realized that I have probably a hundred Tees and I don't think I bought more than maybe two of them. Long live SWAG !!

MamaB said...

I wonder where that "gear for days"
shirt has disappeared to---I had forgotten all about that one!
My favorites are: "DZ Parents" weekend shirt and anything with Ravenwood Raptors on it!! but the "Clock Cleaning Crew" has to be at the top of that list!!

Mary Anna said...

Ahhh what a great topic! Where do I begin? My favorite t-shirts are my Beech Soccer warm up/practice t's. After many wearings and washings, they still smell like grass stain, dirt and even sweat...yes, it's a gross smell, but nostalgic, none-the-less.

I also have to give a shout-out to my Sorority t-shirt quilt that was handmade by my Mamaw. After my first post-college year of watching hundreds of sorority t-shirts deteriorate in my bureau drawer, I cut the screen-printed backs off of them all and my Mamaw lovingly pieced them together....the quilt is extremely large and heavy, but it's got all of my happy college memories attached to it.

Kudos to the person who invented the t-shirt!

Anonymous said...

i've gotta give some love to my navy blue uk long-sleeve t-shirt w/ white lettering with a simple university of kentucky on the front. the best part about this one was that it was on sale and was already soft when i bought it. i love it (i love it but i hate it but i love it).

Amanda said...

I could not have told you for all the money in the world what that Gold t-shirt of dad's said, but I know whcih one yall are referring to! ha ha

Ok, my second favorite t is the hot pink sorority shirt with the ballerinas on the back that says "Sisters to the end." It's precious.

MA- I have quilt-envy- I want a t-shirt quilt.

MamaB said...

t-shirt quilt---already on that---been collecting and preparing for the day that I have time to make you and Lu-Lu each one!!!

Mary Anna said...

Only drawback to the t-shirt quilt...I went through withdrawals when I realized I had no sorority tshirts for working out, lounging, etc. Just a fair warning...

jillymae said...

i think my fav is an old tie-dyed one that says "Liar, Lunatic, or Lord?" on th front and then has a quote from C.S. Lewis on the back. or maybe it's the moss green "Real Fear" shirt with "Life's Not too short, it's just that you're dead for so long" on the back. they are both definitely hole-ey t-shirts now ;) so much so, i can't wear 'em outside of my apt without wearing another shirt underneath for fear of being arrested for indecent exposure.

but i must give a shout out to all my old Youth Choir Tour shirts!!! such great memories and most of them are still wearable. "Friends Forever," "The Big Picture," "People Need the Lord," i'm getting choked up thinkin about 'em. such good memories!

gotta love the shirts!

Anonymous said...

My favorite t-shirt is an old maroon SoundShop shirt that is from the 70's I believe. It is the perfect fit and I will never give it up, plus it has meaning to me.