Wednesday, June 08, 2005


In the hierarchy of Brentwood Benson, Dale Matthews is the Big Cheese. And as a new hiree, of course he doesn’t know my name, nor will he ever probably. However, I will always be known to him as the girl playing solitaire. Yes. This actually happened yesterday.

My team moved all of our desktop computers into the large conference room for some new computer training, and my back was facing the glass wall of the room. It took awhile for everyone to get set up, and I couldn’t open the programs I needed because my computer wasn’t hooked up to the Internet yet. So I did what anyone would do! I opened up Spider Solitaire to pass the time until we got started. Of course Dale Matthews chooses this moment to step out of his office and walk by the conference room. He sees my computer screen, and opens the door and calls out Marvin, my team leader. Marvin comes back in a few moments later and passes me a note asking me to close the game, which I promptly did. Only later did I find out that it was Dale behind all of that. I liked to have died! Of course Dale wanted to know who I was, and Marvin says he defended me and bragged on me, but the damage had been done! I will just avoid eye contact with the man for a while, which shouldn’t be too hard to do because I think I’ve seen him 3 times in the 3 months that I’ve been here. So much for first impressions- and I didn’t get to finish the game either, which Really irks me!


Anonymous said...

hehehehehehehehehe. i'm totally laughing at you. it's not funny right now (to you), but it's great on this end. don't feel to bad. i also had a similar run-in w/ the prestigious leader of bbmpi. however, instead of solitaire i was talking on my cell phone to my mom w/ my feet propped up on the desk, laughing hysterically and telling her how much i needed to get out of work. mr. matthews proceeded to tell me that the door was open whenever i needed it. great. brilliant ariana. nice going. keep in mind, though, that uber-hip dale doesn't nearly have the power he used to due to the buyout. chin up, diva. you'll live to sell another day.

Anonymous said...

I say you change your hair color, add some random tattoos, and a couple piercings.

But maybe that's just because I like that stuff. Don't know if it will help you Sidney-Bristow-it-up and avoid detection from DM.

*Cue Mission Impossible Theme Music*

-Single Guy-


MamaB said...

That's twice that Spider Solitaire got you into trouble!!!

Laura Baker said...

haha, my boss caught me bloggin the other day. that's never good.
I don't know you, but I enjoy reading your stories. I wish my blog were as interesting as yours. Hah, the only people who read mine are me and my dad. Please check it out sometime.
Thanks for sharing all your stories!

Mary Anna said...

Why does it seem like that the one time that you slack off, your boss always seems to be just around the corner??? Ahhhhh, the irony...