Thursday, June 02, 2005

As promised, the long-awaited story about Wild-at-Heart Brad

Saturday night the 5 of us pile in the car and drive to Destin to the Back Porch restaurant to have dinner. And as is common, there was an hour-and-a-half wait, so we went out back (to the back porch) and found us a table in the sand to sit while we waited. Correction. Rhonda and Mary Anna found a table, while Emily, myself, and Lana parked the car. So we get to the table and there is a table full of young attractive guys sitting next to us. Apparently a few of them were sitting at what was now “our table,” before the rest of us got there, and so darn it, we just all had to pile in and make room for 2 of them to sit with us!

One of these men happened to be who is now known as Wild-at-heart Brad. He was tan and had brown hair, brown eyes, and these cute little glasses that made him look very intelligent. Well Brad perked up after we ran into people from church and he asked us where we knew them. This started an amazing stream-of-consciousness conversation where he told us all about a fantastic Joel Osteen book, the new Chris Tomlin cd, and finally, you guessed it, the book Wild At Heart.

Wild-at-heart Brad had us eating out of the palm of his hand with his southern accent talk about the necessity to get back to the order of love-marriage-sex, and how a man trembles at the sight of a woman’s naked body, and how he wasn’t really having fun with all these wild and crazy friends of his that were celebrating one guy’s bachelor party. I was sitting directly across from Brad and I know my mouth must have been gaping open in disbelief! Here we are on the beach, in the middle of Destin, talking to a beautiful Christian man, and it was such an encouragement to us girls. The guys are out there- they do exist- or at least one of them does- and we were all prepared to fight for him.

In true girl fashion, Emily and Rhonda both googled him yesterday and found his company’s website (It's the Hattiesburg, MS branch). Alas, we have no last name for our dream man, and no way to contact him. Not that we would, I mean, we’re not complete stalkers, but as single women I really think that God placed Wild-at-Heart Brad in our paths as an encouragement to us, as if to say “Continue being faithful, girls, I am providing for you.” Thank you Lord for that blessing. And did I mention he was beautiful?


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emilyb said...

Well-recounted, my dear. Yes, Wild-at-Heart-Brad was amazing. I hope, somehow, that we had as much of an impact on him as he had on us. And I hope God lets him know how much of an impact he had on us if he couldn't tell by our swoons. I truly feel that God placed him in our path to say, "See look...they do exist, and if you'll wait patiently and keep your eyes fixed on me, I'll show you someone beyond what you could ever imagine." At least that's what I got from the Wild-at-Heart-Brad encounter. I also learned from this experience that you truly NEVER know when you'll meet that someone...or when God will come up in a conversation. He truly is everywhere, and He will use any and every circumstance to speak to you and show you things...if you listen and let Him.

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rock on, emmysue. yeah, what she said!