Wednesday, April 13, 2005

weird, wild stuff

We had a girls lunch today to celebrate a coworker’s birthday and went to Maniac’s (“She’s a Maaaaaniac- Maaaaaaaniac on the floor…”). There were 6 of us at the table and Ari was the only one who had a lid on her drink. I had actually looked for lids when mixing my superb 3-to-2 ratio blend of unsweet, sweet tea, and lemon, but didn’t see them at the drink station, so I went without. Once we realize Ari is in fact the only one with a lid for her cup, she says it’s because she’s clumsy and all the rest of us are Big girls who don’t spill their drinks. “Watch,” she says, “now one of you is going to spill yours now that I’ve said that.” And I’ll be darned if not halfway through lunch I tipped over my cup and lost my perfect blend of tea! I can’t tell you the last time I spilled something. Generally it’s not a common occurrence among adults. So did I spill it because we talked about it before hand, or would I have spilled it anyways, even if I had had a lid on my cup? Oooohhhhh, spoookkkyyyyy!! (and if a tree fell in the woods and no one was around to hear it, did it still make a sound?)


Anonymous said...

thanx for the matrix moment today, bradley. i needed a dose. anyway, the best part of the meal was going to cold stone for some much-needed icecream and oogling (is that a word? oh well, it is now) the yummy army man in uniform and matching HOT car. i love lunch. ~ari

Tadd said...

That is weird, Manda! At least you didn't spill the beans. That would have been much worse. They would probably be cool beans too. "cool beans"