Saturday, April 09, 2005

Happy Birthday Momma B

On April 9, 1953 in a little town on the Ohio River known as Cannelton Indiana, Susan Lee Huber was born into the world. Susan, or Susi, as she was known by family and friends, was the 3rd of 7 children. She made her theater debut in the Emperor's New Clothes at a community theater in nearby Tell City, IN, later going on to perform in her high school's production of Lil Abner. Susi was a girl scout, participated in the high school marching band, majorettes, and was a varsity cheerleader. She was suspended once in high school for her then-boyfriend Mike Bradley picking her up in the hall. Overall though, she was a good kid and rarely gave her parents any trouble. (When she did get in trouble, you can bet Mike Bradley was behind it however.) Susi always said she wanted to be a secretary and a mom when she grew up. She went on to Murray State University where she did not pledge a sorority, but was a Pi Kappa Alpha groupie known as a Pikette. (Pike Little Sis's were sluts she claims, while the Pikettes were legitimately cool girls) Susi got her associates degree, married beloved husband Mike Bradley, and moved to Nashville,TN where she lived until 1995. In '95 Susan uprooted her family and moved them across town to the snooty Bubble, aka Brentwood, TN.

Susan, or Mom as I fondly refer to her as, now works as the athletics secretary and guidance assistant at Ravenwood High School. She wears red almost as much as I wear pink, and loves Mel Gibson, JFK, Bobby Knight, Simon & Garfunkel, and that sorry excuse for a movie, Phantom of the Opera. She loves to shop at Steinmart and spend time with her girls.

She is a wonderful mother because of her willingness to sacrifice her time and energy for her daughters, and has become a terrific friend to both Laura and I. She and dad bond by going to high school sporting events together and doing yard work.

Let's give a big round of applause for Momma B who turned 52 today!!

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Anonymous said...

how funny that all these years my friends have been calling my mom "momma b" (and most still do) and now i'm wishing a different momma b and wonderfully happy birthday. thank you for being so gracious and inviting. happy birthday! ~ari