Tuesday, April 05, 2005

A funny thing happened on the way to the stage…

Pirates is in full-blown swing right now… only 7 more performances to go! It sounds like a ton, but I am loving the opportunity I’ve been given to be on stage again. Mostly I’ve had good shows. I’ve felt good about my performances with a few small exceptions.

I missed an entrance cue on opening night, trying play it off once I came onstage, but trust me, it hasn’t happened again. One night last weekend I blanked out on my words and started singing Ricky’s lyrics before getting back on track with my own. Really nobody but Ricky and I would know the difference though there, so not a total crisis. And Praise the Lord, I have not fallen down the stairs yet- (and that is a Big Yet!)- so that’s a blessing. I tell you, it’s tough to carry a parasol, hold up a dress, and sing while walking down rickety stairs. (The things we put ourselves through as actors- oh, the horrible injustice!) Speaking of parasols though, I did have a slight scare with that on Friday night I think it was. At the end of “Poor Wandering One” I put the parasol back up for the end of the song, and my lace glove got caught in the metal clasp-thingie at the top, so I panicked momentarily, then finished the song with one hand holding the parasol at the bottom, and the other at the top where it was caught. Luckily, after the song was through I was able to pry my glove out without too much trouble!

And finally, topping our list of funny/panicked moments during the Pirates of Penzance (or Pissants, as my boss Joel would say): yesterday I resisted all of the snacks that people had brought to munch on backstage. Any Diva knows that eating candy and chips before going onstage is a no-no. For one, it makes your breath stink, and two, you get all that garbage stuck in your teeth and coating your throat before you have to sing. Well by the end of the afternoon I was hungry and the willpower just wasn’t there. I had been eyeing this bag of cheesy-poufs for a while, and the bright orange bag began to stare at me. Fine, I said! I’ll just have one. It was almost the end of the last act, and all of my by singing stuff was through for the most part. So I hastily grabbed the bag and allowed the crunchy cheesy goodness to melt in my mouth. Immediately I was reminded why I do not ever buy them: you can’t eat just one. Suddenly it became my mission to finish the 10 cheese poufs that were left in the ginormous bag. Unfortunately though, the Major-General’s solo was already going on, and it was just about time to make our final entrance. Horrified, I realized I was going to have to go onstage with cheese poufs stuck in my teeth! I quickly swished with water and luckily saw that there were no visible remnants of my guilty pleasure, but back in my molars there was definitely some there. No big deal I thought- by the time I have to sing my Poor Wandering One reprise I’ll have the gunk out. This meant that while I was onstage I had to slowly and cautiously maneuver my tongue to get the crud out of the crevices. It’s a big crowd scene- no one will notice. WRONG! It was the first thing my mom and my friend Jenni said to me after the show! “Did you eat something right before you went onstage??” I’d been Caught orange-handed. (No literally- those things turn your fingers orange.) So much for being sly.

PS- I know I got some complaints yesterday for not having blogged in several days (you know who you are.) but let me just say that it was not my fault- the blogger website was down and would not let me post a new blog yesterday. Time permitting, I'll post another one later today. If not, deal with it, because unlike my former job, I don't get paid unless I work at this job! :o)


daddy b said...

Thank you.. My day is a little more complete now. You can't just blog whenever you feel like it, there are some of us out here who depend on the Diva Domain as their source for news.
What if you opened the newspaper and all the pages were blank.What if you turned on the TV and there was no picture. What if you opened your closet and there was no Pink!!
I hope you understand the importance of your little blog now.
Thank you again.

jillymae said...

i am laughing because i have seen some close calls happen on stage. in a production of South Pacific, the butler has to chase the kids (i was one of the kids) around and then off the stage. well, we discovered that the velcro on his skirt wasn't that sturdy, but fortunately he caught it before it completely fell off and covered pretty well and chased us off the stage holding his skirt to his hip. cues were almost missed because he had to chase us off early =)

ann said...

Amanda: Ann where is my blue dress
Ann: It's not here
Amanda: What do you mean it's not here? Where is my blue dress?
Ann: I told you to lay off the cheesy poofs Amanda. It's not here!

Hubub Hubub Hubub!!

Tadd said...

Amanda: Tadd where is Little Boy Blue?
Tadd: He's not here
Amanda: What do you mean he's not here? Where is Little Boy Blue?
Tadd: I told you to lay off the cheesy poofs Amanda. He's not here! "He's under the haycock, fast asleep."
Will you wake him? "No, not I;
For if I do, he'll be sure to cry."

Hubub Hubub Hubub!!

Anonymous said...

Cheesy poufs---not just one but more than 10---shame on you--no wonder that tongue of yours was going all around your mouth trying to get bits and pieces of cheesy poufs gone..................mabel, mabel, mabel!