Monday, April 25, 2005

free at last!!!

My first free weekend from Pirates in My Pants (thank you for that Ann) and of course I had every second crammed with activities.

My Friday afternoon started by meeting the roomies downtown at Logan's for Happy Hour- I always feel so grown up when i do that (and by always, I mean the 3 times in my life that I have had drinks after work). Also joining us for drinks was cutie patootie Rick who works as a student worker in Emmy Sue's office. She called me from work that afternoon and said Amanda, I'm bringing you a hot foreign boy to Logan's. My heart leapt. Don't I have the most wonderful roommates? Well anyways, Rick had a previous engagement that he had to run to after not staying so long at Logan's, but at any rate, he was pretty to look at! :o) (Can I get a Rickmo? Someone? Anyone?)

After Logan's, Rhonda, myself, Emily, Ashley (a co-worker of E's) and her husband Kurt went to Vandy to see if we could hear or see any of the bands playing in Rites of Spring (the outdoor music festival at VU). Unfortunately, we couldn't get to a porch where we could see the bands playing, so we went into the conference room in Emily's office, opened the window and listened to the music faintly playing in the distance, while the 5 of us took advantage of the big marker board and played an impromptu game of pictionary. (Em- the next time I visit your office there'd better be a picture of me up somewhere!) After that, a dinner with the girls at the OC, I met Liz, Dion, and Ari at Corky's, they convinced me to go out that night (even though I had to be at the Collesium at 8 am the next morning), and the four UK grads headed to 2nd Avenue. The nightlife on 2nd was pretty much a bust, but at least we all got to hang out some.

Saturday morning came early, and the 3 Pets headed down to the Collesium for Spring Clean. We were broken up into teams where we then went to various houses and helped elderly and disabled people with some yardwork and outdoor chores. This would have been fantastically fun if the weather had been like it was LAST weekend- unfortunately, it was about 50 degrees, windy, and cloudy. My favorite quote from the weekend, aside from the woman with 5 dogs and 3 cats telling Cal about the "colored fellow" she used to have help her in her yard, was when I announced that I was standing by Adam "to break the wind." As soon as the words came out of my mouth I realized how it probably sounded, and the boys were quick to jump in with a laugh and a jeer in my direction. (Thank you, middle school humor)

Sat night we drove to BFE (aka Spring Hill) for Angela's housewarming/birthday party and had a jolly good time laughing, drinking Tooters (blue koolaide/windex/rubbing alcohol), and playing Scene It. This game is awesome! I had been wanting to play it for a long time- and it was well worth the wait. And what did learn playing this game? That cheaters Really do not ever win. Honestly. Dion moved our team's game piece forward a few spaces when no one was looking and we Still didn't win! It made the game mroe entertaining for us though. :o)

Sunday Mike preached about fasting. I've never fasted from food before, but I am wondering if my self-imposed band on buying clothes, shoes, and purses counts as a fast. Probably not. But at least every time I think about buying something like that I am reminded of how much I have, and how blessed I am as an American. It hasn't lead me to a deeper prayer life so far, so I guess I can't just decide that this counts as a fast as an afterthought. If I can work up my nerve I am going to fast from the internet for 24 hours. That will be hard for me, as I have a habit of checking websites periodically throughout my day. My mind just tends to wander during lulls in the day, and the internet is such an easy vice to take up. What if every time your mind wandered during your work day though, it landed and settled on God? It seems like an impossible task to accomplish, but a tangible way to involve God more in my humdrum work day. Every time I need a mental break I'm going to talk to God and read a few verses of scripture, so we'll see how that goes.

Till then, hope you are having a fantastic day. Stay classy Nashville, and thanks for stopping by.

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Where did you get those clothes at? The toilet store?? -Brick