Thursday, April 28, 2005

a date with dad

In about an hour I will be gearing up for a fun evening out with 2 of my most favorite people in the world: my dad, and my sister. Laura and I are treating Dad to a night out on the town, which translates into dinner and a Bowling for Soup concert. Yes, you read that correctly. My dad is a fan of the pop rock group most famous for their little “1985” ditty. This is a belated birthday present and should make for an enjoyable evening. Being in the music industry, dad has always been hip to the latest music and styles. While I find it endearing and fascinating now, I wasn’t so keen on it in the early 90s when he tried to wear the Grunge look. You older kids especially will remember what I am talking about. T-shirts untucked. Open button- down shirts… oh, the horror. It was also around this time that my friend Emily from middle school played me a tape (there’s a clue for you right there of how long ago this was!) of a band that her brother had. The tape was Pearl Jam’s “Ten,” and while I recall thinking it was just a lot of screaming and loud guitar, I thought it was the coolest thing ever since I happened to also have a crush on her older brother. :o)

I must get my impeccable sense of style from my father, and musical premonitions on what’s going to be popular, because less than a year ago I was looking for hot pink bath accessories to decorate the Penthouse bathroom and they were nowhere to be found. Now hot pink everything is everywhere! I also was into the Spice Girls way before they hit mainstream when a friend and I were up late one night talking on the phone. And no, I am not ashamed to admit that I worshipped the Spice Girls for about the entirety of my senior year. Me and 4 of my friends even dressed up like the British lasses for our school-wide Lip Sync competition- (we were robbed by the way! 3rd place my butt!) I’ll give you 3 guesses as to which Spice I impersonated!


Amanda said...

"I Love me some good timpani"

I just had to post this Marvin quote- it was too good not to share!

jillymae said...


Anonymous said...

Guess #1: Tito Spice.

Guess #2: Marlon Spice.

Guess #3: Janet Spice.


Anonymous said...

fyi, my senior year we spent most of the time making fun of the spice girls (and secretly enjoying most of the music). in homage to the catastrophic fe-noms, we all had our senior women's jerseys (a tradition at that particular hs) equipped with our own "spice" names. mine was princess spice. i know, it's just a shocker. ~ari

Bethany Shea Roe said...

HAH! Don't I remember that all too well! :) I don't think I got my hair down for three days after that!!!

ann said...

Old Spice??

daddy b said...

Night on the town is over now, and what a great time! Thanks girls. To my surprise, I wasn't the only parent there. There were several others whose kids were still a few years away from driving. I certainly had as much fun as any 12 year old there even though I had to be careful of getting my toes stomped on.
Thanks again, Love ya both.

Amanda said...

PLEASE people! Isn't it obvious? I was Baby Spice! You know, the cute blonde who always wore pink??