Friday, April 29, 2005

Bowling for teenagers

The Bradley trio had a grand ole’ time last night despite being overrun with prepubescent punk rockers. Let me just say that I will never get the fun in standing in the middle of a large crowd and running and banging into your friends and strangers. I guess this would be considered moshing. I call it just plain inconsiderate. Laura and I were both ready to throw punches at the first idiot guy (because of course no women were stupid enough to be involved in this) who ran into us, and I came pretty close to shoving someone before the three of us were able to move to the other side of the crowd. Here we were able to stand in the back of the crowd with the older contingency and enjoy the tongue-in-cheek quips from the Texas-bred Bowling for Soup. The lead singer had this insanely high-pitched tenor voice that was a combination of Crusty the Clown and a munchkin, but it cut through the loud guitar quite clearly. The songs were catchy, the melodies easy to pick up, and the lyrics hysterical. One song was about a guy vandalizing his ex-girlfriend’s car, and that was pretty funny. These kids will be back in the Ville this summer sometime, so if anyone’s looking for some fairly cheap entertainment (and I don’t mean me) then I definitely recommend checking them out at your local neighborhood venue.

Also worth note would be the moment when American High-Fi (the opening band- you’ll know them from their sing-along ditty, Flavor of the Week) would be when the lead singer asked the audience to pretend it was 1987 and pull out your bic-lighters and pretend you’re at a Bon Jovi concert. This was quite the stretch of the imagination because one, most of the audience was not even born in 1987. And two, almost no one had a bic lighter because they were taken at the door and everyone was wanded with a metal detector before we could get in. So what did our hi-tech, resourceful teens do? They whipped out the cell phones for the obligatory swaying, waving light in the air during the power ballad.

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